Mr. P responds to those who claim he is backing Peter Obi due of tribalism

  • Mr. P Urges ‘Hungry’ Nigerians To Be Wiser, Get Their PVC And Vote Credible Candidate

  • Mr. P claps back at people claiming he is supporting because of Tribalism.

Mr. P responds to those who claim he is backing Peter Obi due of tribalism
Mr. P responds to those who claim he is backing due of tribalism

Peter Okoye, nicknamed Mr. P, a artist and one-half of the well-known singing twin brothers has fired back at those who think his support for is fueled by tribalism.

He published his response through tweet on the prominent social media platform, Twitter, using his verified social media handle.

According to him, his support for is neither fueled by tribalism nor religion.

He asserted that “hungry” Nigerians ought to be more sensible, adding that they ought to take all necessary steps to obtain their PVCs in order to cast their votes for an electable candidate.

Mr. P continued by saying that neither he nor the presidential candidates are hungry.

The post that he made reads:

“Before you think it’s about Tribe & Religion. Remember! is not hungry, Tinubu is not hungry, Atiku is not hungry, even myself Peter Okoye/Psquare is not hungry! Who is hungry?… Now another 8yrs is Loading….. Be wiser! Go get your PVC and vote credible candidate!”


fan also took to the comment section to defend the singer claiming that the singer was married to Yoruba woman and he grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria, therefore making him the least tribalistic person.

“Peter p-square is married to Yoruba woman. He grew up in northern Nigeria. So I don’t think he is just being tribalistic. His support for OBI is based on OBI’s potential to kickstart new developmental pattern in Nigeria.”

Mr. P also called out people who are affected by insecurity and ASUU strike but are yet to get their PVCs.

#YouArePartOfNigeriasProblem if you feel insecure in this Country Nigeria, but you have no VOTERS CARD to vote out the people that cant protect you. #GetYourPVC

#YouArePartOfNigeriasProblem if you are a student that has been affected by ASUU Strike and you have no Voters Card to vote out the people that put you in this condition. YOU ARE PART OF NIGERIAS PROBLEM. #GetYourPVC

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