Mr. Energy Na Casa goes intercontinental on ‘Life As It Is – Part 1’ (album)

Singer, Mr. Na Casa is out with five-track studio album titled, ‘Life As It Is – The True Story of V – Part 1‘.

Mr. Energy Na Casa - 'Life As It Is - Part 1' (album)
Mr. Na Casa – ‘Life As It Is – Part 1’ (album)

His latest project offers lot and introduces us to his creative makeup that is overflowing with talent and personality.

The Portuguese musician has captivating and dynamic way of telling his stories while making sure you don’t get bored.

Undisputedly versatile, the singer flows and incorporates variety of genres such as Afro Beat, Afro Swing, and even Ghetto Zouk, which is designed to get you rocking.

Being compilation of 5 songs, it is evident Mr has produced track for everybody, with themes of attraction in ‘VEM SO’, love and devotion during ‘KUZA SABI’ and even heartbreak in ‘SONHA – DOR/ DREAM- PAIN’.

The latter track is particular pain point in the singer’ life, inspired by his homelesness in North London as result of family disagreements.

Mr Na Casa also gets intimately personal with a dedicated track to his four children, titled ‘BO ÉH KODÉ’, where he feels a distinct appreciation for them due to what he describes as a “lack of love in his past life”. A particular highlight and hit is ‘WAKANDA FOREVER’, inspired by the Marvel movie ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’.

The singer addresses experiences throughout the movie, from struggling with the negativity of the outer world, to awakening to love and light and eventual spiritual enlightenment.

The song is comparable to hits from the likes or J Balvin, with a chorus guaranteed to lift you up, “When we are together The world becomes better Cos love is my superpower”.

Understanding how he can balance all of these genres into a project is not far-fetched from who influences his music. The likes of Djodje Broda Music, Burna Boy, Ckay, Rema, DG Denis Graça, Elji Beatzkilla, Soraia Ramos from Klaszik have in many ways impacted his ideology of and so, his creativity is built on their sounds.

This project will get you grooved up!

Listen and enjoy!


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