Mp3Bullet TBT!!! Styl Plus: Will Nigeria ever have another “Olufunmi”?

    If you’re a millenial, you may not know STYL-Plus, but there’s absolutely no way you’ve not heard anything about “Olufunmi.” Unless, of course, you don’t like Nigerian music.

    For lovers of Naija music, “Olufunmi” remains the most classic of all RnB records, that we’ve heard. And, the record is un-beaten, till date. While you may argue, and bring up some other mega songs like Paul Play Dairo’s “Angel Of My Life” and 2Baba’s “African Queen”, there is no doubt in the fact that “Olufunmi” was the most-complete RnB record, ever, having the best vocals, a catchy hook delivered in Yoruba, an Afro-esque beat, and even rap.

    Mp3Bullet TBT!!! Styl Plus Will Nigeria ever have another Olufunmi

    Just so you know, STYL-Plus was a RnB group that rocked the early 2000’s. Starting off with four members (Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi and Lanre Faneyi), as STYL, an acronym of their first names. Back in 1997. In 1998, Lanre died, and subsequently, Zeal Onyecheme was added, prompting the addition of “Plus” to their name. Before they could do anything big together, Yemi, also left, in 2002. So, for the most part of it, Styl-Plus operated as a trio. And, they were sucessful!

    “Olufunmi” was their biggest hit. Off their 2006 album, “Expressions”, many other hits like “Imagine That”, “Runaway” and “Call My Name” were spurred. But “Olufunmi” stood out, as a classic element. It was a begging a defiant girlfriend, was determined to leave ’cause of some rumours. From the storyline, to the lyrics, and the instrumental (supplied by T-Jazz), was perfect.

    Being a successful hit, a Remix featuring Da Capo came, and an Official Video. Although by the time it was 2008, Styl-Plus were almost obsolete, “Olufunmi” will be remembered, as one of the classic RnB songs Nigeria’s ever witnessed. We don’t even have RnB, in the mainstream, anymore!!!


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