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    Long ago, the rap scene was basically in English or in Pidgin, but one young man stood up to change the story, He proved that rap music could be done in our indigenous language(s). A feat he achieved perfectly well, The world will remember him as DA GRIN.


    C.E.O (Chief Executive Omo-ita), whose birth name is Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun was born on the 21st of October 1987 and died on the 22nd of  April 2010 exactly at 6.00 pm. He was an award winning Nigerian rapper from Ogun state, Nigeria.  His home was in Meiran, Alagbado, Lagos. He died at the age of 22.

    Twenty two is a really young age to die, that’s true but Dagrin’s achievements and works in the music industry surpasses men even twice his age. His second album C.E.O. (Chief executive Omota) won the Hip hop World Award 2010 for best rap album. His singles such as “Pon Pon Pon”, “Kondo”, “Holla Holla” and  “Efimile” cannot be forgotten by men and women of this generation. No one would deny that every song he featured in was a hit. He even got a nickname from general pype’s Champion– Barack o’ grin.

    dagrin 3

    Da grin was sure to deliver his songs with deep contents, his lyrics portrayed bravery and guts in the use of commands of language. This earned him the title, Lyrical were.

    Do you remember the majestic street entrance into all of his songs, the laughter,” Ahaaaaa, it’s your boy dagrin, missofunyin entertainment”….. we never had enough of that.

    Da grin showed strength and strong will even few moments before he died, LUTH, the hospital where he died said he survived nine attacks before he finally gave up the ghost during the 10th.

    The late rapper was buried, wearing white hand gloves, white belt and a white T-shirt; black waist coat, black bandana around his neck, a black trouser and a black fez cap.

    dagrin 2

    The demise of this rap Legend will be 6 years tomorrow, April 22, 2016 and if he was alive he would have been 29 come October 21. Yet his name and fame has never for once faded in the Nigerian rap game.

    Da grin warned us prior his death not to shed pretentious tears, rather he told us to draw peace from his feats. We celebrate him as a Legend today by obeying his lines,

    If I die,

    Make you no cry for me,

    E je n sinmi, E jo kejen mi

    Download some of his songs here:


    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Democracy


    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Pon Pon Pon

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Kondo (Part 2)

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Rap Rules Anthem

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Everyday

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Ni 94

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Where Ya At

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Sisi Eko

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Ghetto Dreams

    DOWNLOAD: Da Grin – Loni Ni

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