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Mp3bullet TBT!!! – Artquake

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artquake‘Alanta! Alanta! One leg up!’Enter with your change to avoid disgrace…them go pass your bus stop’ ‘Everybody are you ready o, you must dance eh’ I am very sure this rings a bell, for the older folks it is ‘Abulelawa, in the ghetto’.

The miracle workers of these hits, emerged into the music scene in Nigeria in the late 90’s. They stand as one of the pioneers of AFRO HIP HOP in Nigeria, with unique performances that is classified by originality and creativity as the name connotes.

Artquake is a 2 man group. The duo are (ADX) Adegbite Adeniran and (ICE-K), Tomomewo Olakunle who hail from Kwara State and Ondo State respectively. These reputable men aren’t just artistes, they are also the proud record label owner of AQM Records (Achieving Quality Music).

These music acts have also shown a high degree of consistency and bonding as they’ve remained partners for almost 20 years. The veterans just dropped a single this March.

Download Alanta by Artquake here:


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