Monday Motivation: inspirational quotes from some of Olamide’s lyrics

    Olamide is one of the top rappers and leader of the YBNL Nation in Nigeria with loads of achievements to his name.

    Monday Motivation: inspirational quotes from some of Olamide's lyrics
    Monday Motivation: inspirational quotes from some of Olamide’s lyrics

    For today’s Monday motivation, we have highlighted some inspirational quotes coined from Olamide’s lyrics from different hit songs.

    • “They never thought I’ll make it to the top but that’s not fair…hustled from the house and every damn thing na sorrow” – Anifowose
    • “Emi chase dreams mi, mi o ma care beni body kun” – Awon Goons Mi
    • “If it’s not making money it’s not making sense” – Prayer for clients.
    • “I fell off after my first album now am back again. I no go let dem gimme first attack again – Confession.
    • “We can’t feel the same pain, the same way, some go shine, some go sigh, some go shout, ewee. So don’t blame me, don’t blame me now if you can’t see the picture” – Picture.

    • “Eat with your niggas do not compete with your niggas – Hustle Loyalty Respect.
    • “We rather be the lion in the jungle than to be a dog in the city – Sitting On The Throne.
    • “I see people dey sympathize, I was traumatized, Na then I realize it’s time to organize myself – 1999
    • “Man I triumphant And I’ve been through a lot Many people wrote me off But God no gree Kan le dayon man” – Triumphant.
    • “Been the most high na every day we dey fly Hustle everyday Everyday on my ring Oh why e oh why oh why” – Triumphant.

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