Migos ft. Drake – Walk It Talk It [Music]

    Culture 2 is upon us, and on the eve of its release, some new information has surfaced. On Wednesday night, XXL hit up a private listening session at New York City’s “Gold Bar,” and reported live on the album through a series of tweets.

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    Apparently, the event was a silent listening session, meaning attendees could listen to the project with their own set of personal headphones. Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff were in attendance, chilling while fans and media took in their latest effort.

    The biggest takeaway from the report were the features, which include Drake, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Ty Dolla $ign, & Big Sean. Migos have previously collaborated with each artist, so there’s nothing particularly unexpected here. Still, it’s a solid roster of some of the game’s biggest names, and you know they’re going to bring their A-Game for this one. Drake and Migos’ “Versace” remix still bumps to this day.

    Walk it, walk it (woo) Like I talk it (yeah!) Take my shoes and walk a mile Something that you can’t do (woo, hey!) Big talks of the town, big boy gang moves (gang moves!) I like to walk around with my chain loose (chain, chain!) She just bought a new ass but got the same boobs (same boobs!) Whipping up dope, scientist (whip it up, whip it up) (Cook it up, cook it up) (Skrrt-Skrrt!) That’s my sauce, where you find it? (That’s my sauce) (Look it up, look it up, find it) Adding up checks, no minus (Add it up, add it up, add it up, add it up, yeah) Get your “respek” in diamonds (ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice) I bought a ‘Plain Jane’ Rollie These niggas bought they fame (woo!) I bet my back got scoliosis ’cause I swerve the lane (skrrt!) Heard you signed your life, for that brand new chain (I heard) Think it came with stripes, but you ain’t straight with the gang (Gang, gang!)

    Ayy! I gotta stay in my zone Say that we been beefing, dog But you on your own First night, she gon’ let me fuck ’cause we grown I hit her, gave her back To the city, she home (she at home now!) That was that So I can’t be beefing with no wack nigga, got no backbone Heard you living in a mansion in all your raps though But your shit look like the trap on this Google Maps, though We been brothers since Versace bando, whoa Name ringing like a Migo trap phone, whoa Used to be with Vashtie at Santo’s That’s on Tommy Campos We live like ‘Sopranos’ And I-

    Niggas pocket watching (watching!) I want that thot This that ‘ménage (which one?) I bought a franchise To double up the profits (franchise!) We make a land slide Chopper get the popping (landslide!) Eliott got me rocky Blow a socket, chicken teriyaki Take off, rocket Keep ’em in pocket Water gon’ lock it Quadruple the profit! (profit!) I walk like walk (hey!) Talk like I talk (whoa) Rush in my vault Know they catching assaults Brrt! I put a lab in my loft (lab) She cook up, and jab with the folk (jab) By the pair, I got karats that choke (by the pair) By the pair, I got karats each load (by the pair) Private life, private jets ’round the globe (private life) Hit a bitch, hit a lick with the ‘cho (hey!)

    Watch it buck, no man walking (Hanging) Walk it, like I talk it That’s my bro, he know the lingo (lingo) Ain’t no ‘walkie-talkie’ (no) This some, “You know, why don’t we know?” (we know?) Hold out on that coffee Smoke the Cookie, get the coughing Drop dead fresh, I need a coffin Balling, something we do often (ball) Take the pot and I’m splashing up, dolphin (splash) Take the .9 and go buy me a faucet (nine) Walking like I talk a nigga done bought it (uh) I play the coach, so I gotta call it (call it) Up in the shits, some niggas just dormant (shits) Fucking a bih, and that’s not a problem (a problem) I get a rebound, then tuck in my Spalding (ball)

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