Mayorkun: The talented singer with vibes and charisma

    Mayorkun is what you call a King of cruise and vibes. He is one artist that you would rarely see involved in a scandal or controversy. From a bank marketer to a Music star, Mayorkun is an artist that you really don’t have any reason to hate.

    Mayorkun: The talented singer with vibes and charisma
    Mayorkun: The talented singer with vibes and charisma

    Mayorkun came into the music scene with his debut song, “Eleko” but most rarely know he was a banker who loved music, and thanks to Davido was given a platform to share his talent with the world.

    Mayorkun caught Davido’s eye after posting a clip of him singing a cover to “The Money” single and Davido liked the cover, shared it, and followed him on Instagram.

    Davido sent a message to Mayorkun and from there a relationship began the two that birthed the career Mayorkun is currently enjoying.

    Mayorkun had once revealed that he was a marketer in a bank who wasn’t earning much and would take the streets of Lagos to get people to open accounts with him.

    In an interview with Journalist Joey Akan, Mayorkun shared the hilarious story of the first day he saw Davido.

    According to him, he and his brother, Freeman had to beg a taxi man to take them to Davido’s house even with no money in their pocket and used Davido’s name as a bargaining tool.

    Once they got to Davido’s house, Mayorkun couldn’t reach the “Fall” singer as it looked as if the number had been blocked.

    After some hours of staying and trying to get the situation under control, Mayorkun finally saw Davido and the rest is history.

    Mayorkun dropped his first single, “Eleko” in 2016 and its music video gained a million views in just ten days which was amazing for a new artist.

    Then went on to release “Mama”, “Yawa”, “Che Che” and most people’s favorite, “Bobo” in which he featured Davido.

    Mayorkun also became the first person apart from Davido under the DMW label to host a show in the Indigo at the O2 arena which according to reports was a sold-out show.

    Mayorkun just like every other artist around the globe was forced to go on lockdown this 2020 as a result of Coronavirus pandemic.

    However, this didn’t deter him from dominating the music scene. With the release of his song, “Geng”, Mayorkun had succeeded in gaining ground ahead of time on the ever-competitive Music Industry.


    The success of the song resulted in numerous covers from both fans and fellow artists. He didn’t stop there, went ahead to release an EP for the song which was successfully able to have two Hip-hop rivals, Vector and M.I Abaga on one song, and had and African and International version for the song.

    The Singer who is called Mayor of Lagos, a nickname he revealed was given to him by an Uber driver he used to patronize built a brand that would be had to match up to.

    Mayorkun is a laid back singer who rarely gets involved in any twitter fights, music rivalry, or social media commentary. His nature is that of an animal who just loves to enjoy the flow.

    He later dropped “Of Lagos” which surprisingly did so well as “Geng” and for many good reasons too.  First, the song was made over an Amapiano beat which is now the trending genre in the music industry.

    Secondly, the lyrics were born of pure cruise and vibes. The lyrics were just a repetition of the words “Of Lagos”, something which Mayorkun had once told fans he would do someday.

    The song also became successful thanks to Mayorkun’s popularity on trending social media apps like Twitter, Triller, Tiktok, and most especially, Snapchat. The song at one point was the number one trending song on Triller.

    The Award-winning singing dropped another single recently called “Betty Butter” and featured Davido and the song received positive reviews.

    His laid back nature is something he carries into his song. The talented singer knows his range and how to use it to his own advantage without sounding boring. His use of catchy lyrics also helps sell his art.

    He does songs that tell relatable relationships stories but tells it in a way that doesn’t make it too complex and complicated that it kills the mood.

    Mayorkun in a sense apart from Davido is the most successful artist the DMW Label has birthed. He is independent in a way that his success isn’t dependent on Davido’s own.

    The singer has mastered the formula of setting trends and following them, then moving on to another one which makes him more interesting to watch.

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