Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil (Eminem Diss) [Music]

    Machine Gun Kelly Rap Devil Eminem Diss Mp3 Download Machine Gun Kelly Rap Devil Eminem Diss Mp3 Download “When idols become your rivals”, yeah! Machine Gun Kelly echoed that in “Rap Devil”, a track where he dissed Eminem for throwing jabs at a list of rappers in his recent “Kamikaze” album.

    Machine Gun Kelly could not contain the rapper’s temerity and took it upon himself to spit it upon his idolized hip-hop artist.

    Obviously, the title “Rap Devil” was influenced by Em’s memorable “Rap God” track but a few bars in, you can tell that MGK is directing his energy at one man only, his former idol Eminem. There was a part MGK had to bring up the lines about the em’s daughter Hailie and saying that Shady hides behind security and Dre beats. Claiming that the new album simply came because he’s “sober and bored,” MGK tells Em to man up and handle his shit, insisting he get over comments that were made six years ago.

    Quotable Lyrics:

    About to be 46 years old, dog
    Talkin’ bout “I’ma call up Trick Trick”
    Man you sound like a b!tch, b!tch
    Man up and handle your s!it (Ugh)
    Mad about something I said in 2012

    Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss
    Homie we get it, we know that you’re the greatest rapper alive
    Fvcking dweeb, all you do is read the dictionary and stay inside
    Fvck Rap God, I’m the Rap Devil

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