M.I Abaga still the profound forerunner of Nigeria Hip-hop

    M.I Abaga still magnificently at the forefront of Nigeria hip-hop since his debut.

    M.I is one of the few artists that holds a record for longevity, with over 17 years of artistic life and still orchestrating the new rap culture, factually safe to be considered a legend in the Nigerian music industry.

    Breaking out as early as 2006 with the launch of impressive rap, debuting cultural impacting album titled Talk About It, which was widely and intensely acclaimed.

    M.I still the profound pioneer and  forerunner of Nigeria Hip-hop
    M.I Abaga

    It’s obvious that most Nigerian rappers would have been more respected if they were US or UK based, sadly but true perhaps language barriers stagnated crossover appeal.

    The industry was controlled by the likes of Ruggedman, Modenine and Eedris Abdulkareem, before he arrived with a solid project and single titled ‘Safe’ which shake the airwaves, introducing something more clearer and relatable.

    However, M.I’s role in the evolution of young Nigerian rap artists diverging focus on building up a new sonic export cannot be overstated.

    Orchestrating in the form of modern rap was Obviously before the emergence of the digital streaming era and Internet exposure, yet still carving out space for other rappers in the broader hip-hop market.

    Also, M.I Abaga consistently exploiting the waves with a unique style, lyrical prowess and stellar delivery with production that matched Nigerian western idols.

    his message while rapping is always explanatory and story relatable which makes it easy for the audience.

    M.I still the profound forerunner of Nigeria Hip-hop
    M.I Abaga

    Moreover, M.I Abaga discography still very much unmatched, as he practically has over eleven (11) solid projects across all credits, the best chronicle as a real-life walking encyclopedia of Nigerian rap music.

    We are in 2021 and yet still dropping, talmabout consistency and longevity.

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