M.I Abaga Vs Vector: The Rap battle that’s not visible

    M.i Abaga vs Vector: a rap battle which never took place, but is still in existence and ceases to come to an end.

    M.I Abaga Vs Vector: The Rap battle that's not visible
    M.I Abaga Vs Vector

    The rap battle between M. I Abaga and fellow rapper; Vector; is one which never took place, but at the same time, is never-ending. Confusing right?, I know!

    Saying they’re great in their own various ways would never be acceptable, one person has to be declared the best; the king of rap.

    First off; let’s talk about the rappers individually.

    M.I Abaga & Vector

    M.I Abaga

    M.I Abaga was already a well known and popular rapper, even before Vector gained ground in the music industry.

    The rapper rose to prominence in 2006 with his hit song; “Crowd Mentality” which was very popular in his hometown of Jos. Later on, he moved to Lagos permanently after he signed with Chocolate City.

    M.I Abaga, however, gained the full attention of Nigerians with his hit song  “Safe” featuring Djinee.

    Following this major breakthrough, he dropped a classic album ” Talk About It” In December 2008, and won two awards at MTV African Music Awards in 2009.

    Vector The Viper

    Vector came aboard a little later with his Samklef produced a song; “Kilode”. In the song, he was trying to pass a message, telling people not to compare him to M.i Abaga.

    Giving the concept of Vector’s song, we felt there was no cause for alarm, but fans won’t let them be.

    M.I Abaga and Vector continued to compete with each other, dissing and beefing.

    They even went as far as spitting insulting verses at each other, even when working on the same song, the despise was getting really massive.

    M.I Abaga Vs Vector Rap battle

    During the past few months, we have witnessed various fierce exchanges between the two rappers, either through their songs or social media.

    Because of the way the Nigerian music industry is positioned, no one really advocated for peace, instead, they called for a rap battle, fans and celebrities alike.

    Some even went as far as dropping whopping sums of money, to ensure that this so-called rap battle took place.

    Vector so sure that he was going to win quickly accepted.

    M.I Abaga, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure of himself and delayed the event with the excuse of needing to speaks to his management.

    Consequently, the while rap battle concept was killed, and we thought it was all over, but is it??

    The Invisible Rap Battle

    Just recently, Vector was asked by a fan on twitter, if he would do a collaboration which M.I Abaga.

    Not mincing words, the rapper replied that he was sure M’I won’t. ask him He further went onto explain that he could never work with M.I because using his own words; “M.i was a very cunning person”.

    So, what does this show? even though there has not been a physical rap battle, these two are still battling internally. Not just with themselves, but also with their insecurities.

    Even though there is less voice out of hate or challenge, there is still inner self-doubt, and lack of trust.

    Believe it or not, even without a reality show, M.I Abaga vs Vector rap battle still holds!!!



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