M.I Abaga drags Joey Akan for shading rappers over Dababy’s visit to Nigeria

    • M.I Abaga slams Joey Akan for insulting rappers in the wake of Dababy’s to Nigeria.

    • M.I Abaga accuses Joey Akan of degrading rappers.

    M.I Abaga drags Joey Akan for shading rappers over Dababy's visit to Nigeria
    M.I Abaga drags Joey Akan for shading rappers over Dababy’s visit to

    Rapper M.I Abaga has taken to Twitter to respond to what he considers a disrespectful statement to rappers from music journalist, Joey Akan.

    Joey Akan had taken to Twitter to shade rappers over none of them meeting with Dababy when he came into Nigeria.

    According to the Journalist, rappers were entitled who refused to work and only complain.

    M.I who came across the tweet didn’t take well to it as he dragged Joey, claiming that the Journalist was insecure and insulting people to feel better.

    In his words;

    “You have a small mind.. so not sure you understand what false equivalency is..

    What’s d point of dis tweet? To insult rappers for wanting respect?

    I guess self respect would an offensive idea to you.

    Insecure little Joey insulting people to feel better ♥️ grow up”

    In another tweet, he declared Joey as the enemy of Hip-Hop who ‘continuously spits on our efforts and debases the Hip-hop community.’

    Still, on his rant, Abaga said that one ‘can always tell a deeply insecure person when the main thing they are known for is speaking ill of others.’


    Joey Akan responded to M.I’s tweet, saying that the rap icon no longer has any influence on the rap community to try and excommunicate him.

    According to Joey, no one in the Industry rates M.I again as his past sins speak against him.

    M.I in response wrote;

    “Not just king bro.. leader… I am the fucking leader!!!!!!!! Let’s see what impact my words have on you.. dead guy.. loser.. insecure piece of shit”

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