Lizney KB Swallows A Sour Pill About Her Love Life In ‘Zone’ | Listen

No one enjoys a one-sided relationship, Lizney KB affirms that on her latest number, “Zone“.

Lizney KB - Zone
Lizney KB – Zone

The determinant of a successful relationship is based on the commitment of both parties involved and this is what Lizney KB craves, believing she will get in the end.

To some, singing is beyond putting words for entertainment, it is a form of art an artiste uses to express his/her feelings and most times tell their stories. In this pop tune, Lizney tells us “I was a victim of love, but I learned a lot from the relationship!”.

She gives her all, yet gets nothing in return!

Her new song, Zone is a reflection on being in love and discovering that the love was inequitable. It involves taking the horse by the reigns and retaking control of her life.

She sought the warmth of finding peace, happiness and through acceptance from the breakup. Honestly, there is no better way of taking advantage of life and moving forward.

She is an emerging artiste whose influences cuts across continental sound geniuses like Tupac, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Issa, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Missy Elliott, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson and many more.

Since she first started composing music in high school, she has been committed to success. With each song she records, the singer/rapper hopes to explore life’s lessons while maintaining her commitment to originality in both music and content. As she works to develop as an artist, producer, director, and content creator, Lizney also covers a variety of creative aspects in her job.

We are sure you’d love her new piece, accompanied by a perfectly shot music video that best describes the moments of her sour love affair.

Watch and enjoy!


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