Laycon Talks About How BBNaija Is More Good Than Bad

    Laycon, who won BBNaija Lockdown last year, revealed in a new interview with Nigerian Youtuber Korty that the benefits of participating in the reality show outweigh the disadvantages.

    Laycon Talks About How #BBNaija Is More Good Than Bad
    Laycon Talks About How #BBNaija Is More Good Than Bad

    Appearing on the latest episode of ‘Flow with Korty‘ which dropped on the 24th of July 2021, Laycon admitted to Korty that he has never regretted packing his belongings and entering the BBNaija house.

    Korty accompanies Laycon through a typical day in his life throughout this episode. She pays him a visit, joins him on an outing, and even watches a show with him.

    When she asks if he regrets attending the BBNaija show, Laycon responds;

    “No no! I mean, when you look at the positives that come out of it, they overshadow the negatives. The negatives are… I mean, there’s a whole lot of personal things I can’t even do anymore.

    There’s the mental effect that being in a space (like that) has on you. The negatives are when you come outside and see perceptions that people have of you. When we were in that house, a whole lot of things happened that didn’t make the cut.”

    Laycon also told Korty that no one can genuinely complain about the BBNaija house’s unpleasant aspects because they went there on their own.

    In his own words:

    “I then again feel it’s not really anything to feel some type of way about, because in the end, na you carry yourself go. Nobody push you go there.”


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