Laycon made a clear statement with the new releases

    Practically Laycon prove the naysayers wrong with the release of the new smash singles ‘Wagwan’ & ‘Fall for Me’

    Some fractional part of Twitter users wanted to flex their muscles by slandering Laycon‘s art, which is not even news but obviously, some persons deleted their draft after some spins of the tracks.

    Laycon Made a clear Statement with 'Wagwan' & 'Fall for Me'

    Now we can progressively put an end to the ravaging stereotype and embrace the obvious reality that Laycon is here to stay as a quality artiste.

    Laycon’s growth and mastery over a few time spent making music cannot be overlooked and any form of woke slander to his art will effortlessly consider forced.

    The dual release scheme is a substantial strategy to experiment with the market, as he brilliantly showed two sides of his artistical prowess, with the ‘One must enter’ theory

    In ‘Wagwan’ the sound seems to be very hard with the usual Nigerian squawk production, which is designed to aim for the streets and clubs, While ‘Fall for me’ has a core focus on an actual melody with ballads.

    At first, I was wowed in open-mouthed curiosity and paused to reminisce with the impression of listening to an already known banger, the addictiveness of ‘Fall for me’ can get anyone glue to it at first listen, simply a type of record to dominate playlists, and YKB is a really amazing artiste with good vocal dexterity.

    Also, ‘Wagwan’  is that type of vibe that scatter clubs and streets, Laycon’s wordplay is topnotch on the ballad as it relates to the lowest kind with inviting space to connect on a deeper level, revolving around what’s happening on the street of Nigeria.

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