Kuami Eugene reveals why Nigerians are dominating the Ghanaian music industry

    The Ghanaian music star Kuami Eugene has revealed and given reasons why their Nigerian counterparts seem to be ahead of them in the game relative to the music industry.

    Kuami Eugene reveals why Nigeriana are dominating Ghanaian in music.
    Kuami Eugene reveals why Nigerians are dominating Ghanaians in music.

    Multi-award winning Ghanaian singer Eugene Kwame Marfo, better known by the stage name Kuami Eugene has explained why their Nigerian colleagues appear to have a massive advantage over them in the music industry.

    In a recent interview on GHPage TV speaking with Rashad. The singer was asked, “If He (Kuami Eugene) thinks Nigerians are doing better music than Ghanaian?”

    The Lynx signee replied that it was a bit aggressive to say Nigerian musicians are doing better music than Ghanaians especially when the likes of himself, Shatta Wale, Kidi, Sarkodie are releasing several hit songs on a consistent basis.

    He added that Nigerians are not better than Ghanaians and that they are rather enjoying some specific privileges in contrast to their Ghanaian counterparts.

    Highlighting some of the privileges, Kuami Eugene mentioned that Nigerians have the funds and the numbers to support their music saying

    “As a result of the huge numbers Nigerians have, when an investor wants to invest in music, he’ll first look at Nigeria before considering Ghana,”

    The Ghanaian singer remarked that Nigerians have the finances and the numbers (remember, the country has over 200 million people) to support their music.

    With a population of just over 30 million people, it’s difficult for Ghanaian music to thrive on the international stage.

    In addition, the singer claimed that Because of the large number of Nigerians, when an investor wants to invest in music, he will look to Nigeria first, rather than Ghana.

    Watch the video below:

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