King Monada’s “#MalwedheChallenge”: The meaningful song and annoying dance.

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King Monada Malwedhe Mp3 DownloadWhen I first saw a video of the collapsing dance, I almost collapsed in astonishment. It was Trending on Social Media, but I wrote it off, instantly. “This is another one corner” thought were firm in my heart. I think I was angry. Couldn’t be sure, the stuff turned me off, almost completely.

Not long after I started seeing people ‘dramatizing’ all in the name of Malwedhe. Check Twitter, Instagram, (even) Facebook were filled with videos of what quickly became a Trend. It even started a challenge.

And then, I was sent a video that changed my whole perspective. The video had the lyrics translated in English, with the full song playing along. I listened, and focused, my pen in my hand, I was ready to write ‘nonsense’ about it. But when the video ended I was cold, I think I cried (I’m not a girl!)

Before now, was only a sensation in South Africa, popular for his 2016 hit, “Ska Bhora Moreki,” which earned him three FAME SA Awards, that year. King of Limpopo, or something in that line was the title. Of course, that was before everybody in Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, started falling on the streets.

Malwedhe Idibala” is a less-groovy song that the usual SA house vibe, but Monda made use of the art of repetition, he was saying the same thing through-out the song. And it had people falling, for real.

Check the translation, if you don’t understand his Selobedu language thing, and you will like the song. The lyrics is powerful, very powerful, breath-taking also. He started the song with saying he has a sickness, and whoever’s dating him should not play with breaking up with him. (In his language, of course.) The main hook where people start falling is translated to “I have a sickness of collapsing, if you break up with me, I collapse.” Infact, if you don’t pick his calls, he’ll collapse. All good. But the dance? Damn! That stuff is freaking annoying.

Is that even what a dance is? No, I must say. This is just pure craze. Everything that will Trend had to be stupid or crazy, that’s it? Forgotten Stew yet?

“Malwedhe Idibala” isn’t shaku-shaku, it’s not gwara gwara, but yeah, once the hook of the song comes on, you collapse. It’s annoying, but that is what it is. We didn’t care if “One Corner” had meaningful lyrics (partly because it didn’t have), but Idibala is something we can’t overlook, ore write off completely. The track’s infectious, in a way.

It’s annoying, stupid, call the names, but remember this is the reason an artist is dubbed the “King of December 2018!” It’s the reason Monada is Trending in Nigeria, Kenya, SA, Uganda, Tanzania, and even China.

I’m sorry to tell you this, this December, people will collapse for real, and everyone will think they’re dancing. Put all the blame on Malwedhe Idibala!


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