Kida Kudz Speaks on What He Would Had Become If His Music Career Had Failed

    British Based Nigerian Rapper Kida Kudz has revealed what he would have been doing if he didn’t make it in music.

    Kida Kudz Speaks on what He Would had Been If He didn't make it in Music

    The Nigerian born British rapper who won the second edition of a popular Nigerian reality tv show revealed that he would have been a pornstar if he did not make it in music.

    The rapper who recently relocated to the United Kingdom not too long after he won the Peak Talent show said this at an interview with Trace mint.

    Kida Kudz who also promoted his new Ep titled Nasty during the interview was reminded of his 2018 tweet where he said that he would had become a pornstar if his trial at music failed.

    When asked if he actually was serious with the statement, Kida Kudz said:

    Two or three years ago, I tweeted that if I didn’t make it in music by 2018, I would become a pornstar and I was actually serious. Do you know what that means? That means this is the only thing I know, this is what I could do best…

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