Kenyan rapper; Nyashinski weds his malaika.

    Nyashinski the Kenyan Rapper has finally tied the knot with his ‘Malaika’.

    Kenyan rapper; Nyashinski weds his malaika.
    Kenyan rapper; Nyashinski weds his malaika.

    The Kenyan musical artist and rapper Nyamari Ogengu, Nyashinski has finally gotten married this weekend on Friday 10th December 2021 at the Nairobi Chapel.

    This Kenyan rapper who got overwhelming publicity after the release of the masterpiece song ‘Malaika’ which means an angel that has over 13 million views on YouTube left us tongue-tied with such great news.

    Nyashinski who has been in people’s heads rent-free has eventually gotten married to the love of his life and as his fans, we stand for it. We know how settling can be hard especially for celebrities. Very few do it and some don’t last very long.

    Nyashiski is one of the most respectable artists in Kenya and he’s the one who really keeps his private life private.

    In his song KEBS at 0:46 he raps:

    “kwa ten years hamkua mnajali mahali gani nalala, hii screwdriver yangu ni Shimo gani ina screw”.

    That was after he was back from the United States and everyone wanted to know what was going on in his life. He told us to mind our business.

    He’s a guy who can only be contacted via email, not even WhatsApp. Yep, you read that right. The management team must be working overtime on this one. Not this time though, this good news was shared for the whole world to know as it was meant to be. He couldn’t hide this if he tried.

    Nyashiski: The Kenyan musical goat we’ve always needed.

    Who is our lucky queen?

    The one who managed to pull Nyashinski out of the bachelor’s community and off the market is none other than Zia Bert who has been a long-time fiancee of the rapper.

    They had a traditional wedding two years ago and even have a kid together but on the 10th of December is when they both said “I do“. Most of the comments on the wedding thought he was marrying some other woman because his first wedding (traditional) wasn’t a secret as well. With his unique brown suit and her dashing white gown that has peacock style these two finally made things official.

    The name might not ring a bell because this lady with stunning looks is not a public figure. A diamond in the sand.

    Dolly Parton and the husband have been married for decades now and fight me if you and I believe part of the reason is that one of them is not a media socialite. I guess this is what this hitmaker of “Mungu Pekee” meant when he sang “Lift me up

    Who attended the wedding?

    When Nyashinski was silent for about a decade after he was featured in the song with Amani ‘bad boy’ we were all curious as to what happened to our boy, and a little mad that he’d leave us hanging as he did.

    But just as we didn’t know what he was doing then none of us saw this coming. As expected the wedding ceremony that took place in Nairobi was private and only attended by friends and family.

    Were they observing health protocols due to the ongoing pandemic or is Nyashinski is a very private person? Some of the few artists who attended the wedding include DJ Styles, Kleptomaniacs, and Nameless, Collo, with the wife Wahu.

    The master of the Ceremony was Robert Bulare. The chosen few. Only a few photos for the wedding could be accessed so when I say this guy is private you know what I mean.
    The best man for the groom was his old manager Fakii Liwali.

    As his forever fans, we wish him all the best things life and marriage have to offer and we wish he and Zia Bette have a long happy marriage.

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