K1 De Ultimate reacts to allegation he failed to refund for missing US shows

    Fuji Icon, K1 De Ultimate has responded to claims that he refused to refund money for a show in the United States that he did not attend.

    K1 De Ultimate reacts to allegation he failed to refund for missing US shows
    K1 De Ultimate reacts to an allegation he failed to refund for missing US shows

    A blogger had chastised K1 De Ultimate on Instagram for allegedly failing to appear at events in the United States for which he had been paid.

    The blogger then advised him to refund their money to avoid additional “dragging.”

    The blogger wrote:

    “Ade ori Okin go soon turn to Ade ori dragging like small generator, if you think you are big and can oppress people then you lie, you had to go arrange an interview with goldmyne abi?

    “K1 pay people their money, about two of your victims are crying in my dm , you didn’t show up for their show, which is enough embarrassment for them, return their money, it’s that simple.

    “By the time this whole matter sup Ogagun Wasiu oloko dogi dope, Giveaway prick, you nor go like am, I go give all your debtors your Wedding venue for Abeokuta where you and Emmanuella wan do wedding for Nov 18, you don’t want to go this lane with me I promise you.”

    In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, KWAM 1 denied the allegations, saying he never took money from anyone.

    He said that all of the essential preparations for the trip had been made, including a work permit and flight arrangements, with the exception of some of his band members ‘right of visa approval’ to proceed.

    The Fuji legend encouraged everyone involved to be patient with him because he does not have control over visa approvals.

    K1 De Ultimate reacts to allegation he failed to refund for missing US shows
    K1 De Ultimate reacts to allegation he failed to refund for missing US shows

    The statement reads:

    “Very recently, issues about my band going to perform in America erupted some negativity which was communicated to me by concerned friends who come across a post where my name was been dragged into dealings with many sub-show promoters in America.

    “Firstly I will like to state here that I owe my fans across the globe a high level of respect, hence the need for my explanation recently. That my band trip to the United States has NOT been cancelled.

    “All that is necessary to make the trip a success was put in place. Work permit, flight arrangements and other necessary things, except the RIGHT OF VISA approval for those members of the band who needs to obtain that before we proceed.

    “Surely am not in control of approving that Visa but the American embassy here in Nigeria. I can understand agitation from many fan’s and music lovers across, but patience is required to get all these bottlenecks sorted out with regards to the applicable laws that permit entertainers coming to America.

    “I’ll still not join issues with non-concern persons or groups other than those respected individuals and organizations who is dealing with us directly.

    “Social media is free for everyone’s usage, but we are not deviating from the real issues because of some distractors.

    “No form of hanky-panky is played out concerning this issue as I collected no money from anybody.

    “Orbit LLC is the main PROMOTER, not me. Once again, as I stated earlier we owe our fans and patrons some degree of respect which gives reason for these explanations again and again.

    “A nice word speaks volumes of your intentions rather than being bossy to the instruments that form your rise up to stardom.

    “Let us refrain from usage of insulting words in the name of aggression. We have the integrity to protect, hence we will not defraud our fans and friends all over the globe.

    “Agents of the 3rd hand parading themselves on social media should stop making issues out of nothing. You can’t change what God Almighty has already ordained.

    “We look for peace from your end too, regardless of your intentions towards us. Thank you all. K1 De Ultimate (Adeori-Okin).”

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