Justin Bieber to sue the ladies who accused him of Sexual Assault

American pop star, Justin Bieber will be suing the two ladies who accused him of Sexual Assault.

Justin Bieber

According to report by American Magazine, TMZ, Justin Bieber will be seeking legal actions against the two users who claimed he sexually assaulted them.

Justin Bieber also claims that the users who go by the names Kadi and Daniella might be one person trying to dent his and career.

Justin Bieber in document obtained by TMZ said he has “indisputable documentary evidence” to prove their sexual assault claims are nothing but “outrageous, fabricated lies.”

Recall that Mpsbullet.ng reported that Justin Bieber had denied the allegations by Kadi and Daniella.

Daniella claims Bieber sexually assaulted her in Four Seasons Hotel room in Austin, TX on March 9, 2014.

Justin Bieber in response said that Kadi is superfan who stalks him and is desperate for fame. He also claimed that he has never met Kadi.

Bieber claims Kadi fabricated the allegation because knew Bieber attended the Met Gala on that day.

According to the document obtained, Bieber went to private after-party afterward where he stayed until almost 4 AM, then hit up hot dog stand. Bieber claims there is photographic evidence and several witnesses to this.





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