Jude Okoye responds to Cynthia Morgan’s accusations

    Owner of Northside records, Jude Okoye has responded to Cynthia Morgan’s accusations that he ruined her career.

    Jude Okoye and Cynthia Morgan

    Recall that Mp3bullet.ng reported that Cynthia Morgan in an interview alleged that her former Jude Okoye ruined her career over a disagreement he had with her.

    She added that Jude Okoye prohibited her from using her name causing her to change it to Madrina, took away her Instagram and Vevo account, and cheated her from her royalties.

    Jude Okoye in an interview with Tunde Ednut said that Cynthia Morgan is free and he did not prohibit her from using her name.

    According to Jude, Cynthia Morgan has been free since 2017 and even two years after she left the label, she was performing in shows with his knowledge and keeping the money all to herself despite the fact that their contract wasn’t over.

    Jude also offered to send a copy of their contract so that Tunde Ednut can publish it.

    “You want to do things on your own because you think you can do things on your own, then you failed and you want to put the blame on me.

    Two years after you left the label, your social media accounts are still yours, you are still going on shows behind me and you still want to blame me for your failure. If you put the blame on me, would that make you rise again?

    I have never for once told CYNTHIA MORGAN that she cannot use her name. I had no power to take that name, it is physically impossible to do that.

    “Did I chase her with a court injunction? No.

    What exactly did I do wrong? I shouldn’t have let you go when I left? Your contract hasn’t expired and you left. I let you go.

    Before she left, she wanted to change her name to Madrina says it means ‘Godmother. I advised against.


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