Is Wizkid’s Music Really Boring To Nigerians?

    You don’t need Prophet Isaiah, to know that the answer to that question above is NO! BUT, questions are always deeper than the answers. Some questions have two answers, some don’t have answers at all. “Is Wizkid’s music really boring to Nigerians?” becomes an entirely different thing when “to Nigerians” is removed from the question. Is Wizkid’s music really boring? Let’s leave Nigerians out of it, now. On the surface of it all, does the music bore people? Maybe I should start retracting my “NO” answer? Maybe not.

    Wizkid’s music ain’t boring. Last time I checked, boring means “not at all interesting,” and anything along that line. That’s not a good word for music as interesting as Wizkid’s.

    Words that critics been using to qualify the pop star’s music, these days be like “monotonous,” “boring,” “repetitive” and all that. WTF is that? The funniest part is, no critic ever says that and have his way without getting a couple bashes from fans – Nigerians who actually listen to music.

    The gist is, on sunday, a journalist, known as Tofarati GT Ige, took to his Facebook to talk about how Wizkid’s music is now “boring,” to me. A couple of blogs picked it up, and a lot of people have weighed in to comment their opinions. Especially on the journalist’s post, things didn’t go too well for the man. Seems every Nigerian is against him. Maybe the man wasn’t too wrong.

    To critics, Wizkid is in a phase where he has to get serious with his lyrics – especially now that the Fela comparisons are beginning to come in. BUT, to fans, Wizkid just arrived at a point where he can just do anything, and it’ll sound very interesting. The fact that you can predict his music really makes it more interesting. It’s just like 2Baba on “Gaga Shuffle,” every critic should rate this song as shit. BUT, no, you can’t do that. 2face is far above that level. He’s long been in a place where trash can be turned to an interesting stuff. And nobody should get mad at that. Back to Wizkid, the Starboy is back fully to show us he’s still able to do music we can relate to, even after Drake, Kranium, Vybz Kartel, Jeezy etc. Guess what we Nigerians relate to? Nonsense.

    The real name is not nonsense, anyway. It’s simple simple stuffs, or a complex stuff made to sound simple. That’s what Nigerians relate to (fast). Not those stuffs critics wants. And, it’s important to note that critics can’t even be classified as “fans.” So, it does well, to say Wizkid’s making music for the fans, and not the critics, not the journalist. And that’s that.

    First time I heard “Manya,” I was like “Wizkid ti ya were. See what he’s doing.” BUT, 30 seconds into the song, I related. I’m a Nigerian. Same thing, happens with a lot of songs. Many that ain’t Wizkid’s. It’s just a Nigerian making music for other Nigerians.

    “Soco soco soco soco,” once I heard it, I trusted myself, I could guess what the whole song will sound like. And, then I heard “oya gbefun lopo lopo,” OK, I couldn’t predict that. That was what hooked me. Just that little tweak. It doesn’t have to be complex.

    Yes, Wizkid’s tryna make hits. BUT, everybody is. Every artist wants their song to relate to their audience, and it has though. Another angle to it is, the music is deeper than the wordings you hear. That Killertunes beat can turn you on, and make you love what you won’t like, otherwise. The syncopation does a good one. And it’s all about giving that original African vibe.

    Bullshit for the dogs, if you are Nigerian music fan, you should feel Wizkid, Davido and all these guys. Except of course, you are journalist!

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