Is Reminisce’s “OGB4IG” a response to M.I Abaga?

    Reminisce is one of those rappers who usually think everyone’s tryna slaughter them, every time.

    At least we think he is. Because every now and then, he feels the need to get on some dope instrumental and tell people that he’s some kind of beast and a god in the game.

    Can’t say “Ajigijaga” is still fresh in our minds, but right there is something a lot of people may never understand. Isn’t Reminisce just a street king, who dies whatever he thinks the streets will take? For instance, what the hell is that “Shibinshi” all about?

    But, he wants us to see him as more than that, and the fact that we’re having a conversation about it means he’s not doing a horrible job, anyway. Meanwhile, this isn’t even a conversation, it’s me trying to get y’all to reason with me and find a justification for the fishy timing of this new track, “OGB4IG.

    In the past few years, Reminisce hasn’t really been that active dawg. I mean, he had a couple of sleeper hits, last year, got features a couple of times. In between, found time to set the record straight about how he’s a deadly killer when it comes to rap (“Ajigijaga.”)

    We could as well just say Reminisce likes telling the kids not to disrespect him, we get it. We’d all do the same if we feel threatened. Even Olamide had to clear some air on “Buga Small Small” earlier this year. But, when was the last time Olamide put out something that is flat out defensive in an offensive manner? 2015. “Eyan Mayweather.” So, what’s going on in Reminisce’s head, right now?

    Reminisce replies M.I ABAGA

    Well, M.I Abaga said he gives Naija rap legends “the craps” on his verse of Martell Cypher 2 (The Purification.) Whatever that means, though. But he also said some stuff that could agitate rappers. Let’s come back to how the “Safe” rapper numbered rappers from other African countries, later. Let’s talk about Reminisce, now. Okay, could Reminisce have felt disrespected by the verse and how M.I seemed to parade himself as the one that paved the way for the hip-hop game, in Nigeria? Yeah.

    Because just a few days after The Chairman said his own, Alaga Ibile jumped into the studio to say he has been an OG before IG. I believe in coincidences, but this doesn’t seem like one. Nah. Especially because the song sounds half-baked, like he did it in a hurry and don’t have enough time to finish up and make a full-blown rap single. It’s the most likely response, but yeah, we don’t know that!

    By the way, did I hear him say he’s been doing stuff since the ’90s? Because, really, we didn’t know that. “OGB4IG” is a vibe, though, with its crisp Sarz production and how Remi was just flowing, like he always does. Cool. Not necessarily a hit, though.

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