iLLBliss shares how he once combined a bank job with music

    Nigerian Rapper, iLLBliss has shared his struggle to fame and how he at some point in his life, had to combine a bank job with his music career.

    iLLBliss shares how he once combined a bank job with music
    iLLBliss shares how he once combined a bank job with music

    Taking to Instagram iLLBliss wrote a lengthy post on how he struggled when he started music and how he had to combine a bank job with his studio sessions.

    According to the rapper, he would leave his job by 9 or 10 pm and yet still go to the studio to record till 3 am and later get an hour sleep before waking up by 5 am to prepare for a new day.

    He said that he had to hold on to the Bank Job for a while so as to be able to pay for his studio sessions and other personal expenses.

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    In his words;

    “I am Sharing this to encourage someone out there to never give up or back down.

    I was a trainee banking officer during my NYSC days.i was sleeping on the studio floor for so many nights to create my songs. The studio was somewhere in ikeja, tiny space , little ventilation and plenty 🦟😅.

    I would come straight from Work and get there sometimes by 9/ 10pm and record till 3am then sleep for an hour till 4. Take a bath,change back to fresh work clothes and catch the staff bus by 5.45am. I would sleep through the early morning traffic and get to work by 8am and resume my duties.

    I needed to earn from the bank work so I could pay for my studio sessions and offset personal expenses. The studio was my only creative getaway from the tedious tasking demanding banking routine.

    It pushed me to work harder and chase my dreams. The studio was also affordable and the producer was one of the very few who understood hiphop production. I also met a lot of struggling musicians in same studio. We became family. I fed so many from my small salary. They kept pushing me, helping me with ideas, we bonded. Till date I’m still family with them.”

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