ID Cabasa reveals how humans can be like God.

  • explains humans can like God.

  • The music producer made this known in a live session.

ID Cabasa explains how humans can be like God.
explains how humans can like God.

Nigerian musician and ace producer Olumide Ogunade, professionally known as ID Cabasa has explained how human beings also have the ability to like God.

During a recent live session, he made this statement.

According to Cabasa, since people were formed in God’ image, God has gifted them with a variety of skills, including the ability to everywhere at the same time, just like the creator.

ID Cabasa explains how humans can be like God.

He emphasized that being everywhere in his terms does not have to physical, but that one’s of friends and business partners indicates one’ presence in various locations.

He said:

“I noticed that for everything that we call God, we also can become. For everything that God is, we can also become,”
“I realised that we call God omniscient all the time which means that God is everywhere at the same time. It looks so huge that we say we can’t everywhere at the same time but I realize we can actually do it and I am talking about the of your network, the kind of people you surround yourself with.”
Going further, Cabasa said: “I realise that if I know so many people that are doing stuff in different spheres of life I can actually be everywhere at the same time though I’m in my house.
“For instance, each time people call me and ask for certain services, most times I have somebody that I can call that will do stuff for people and I realise that it’ almost the same thing when people say God is everywhere at the same time. Make sure you have the needed people in your network.”

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