How Mwana FA disturbed the Tanzanian music industry with his songs

    MWANA FALSAFA is the long term of Mwana FA. It’s a Swahili musical name that means “someone with Philosophy”

    How Mwana FA disturbed the Tanzanian music industry with his songs
    How Mwana FA disturbed the Tanzanian music industry with his songs

    Hamis Mwinjuma famously known as Mwana FA, whom I love to call a genius since everyone knows how smart he is in the entertainment industry.

    He was one of the first rappers in the game who received Tanzanian music from the hands of our forefathers who sang Jazz, Taarab, and Band, he was successful in turning his music from a hobby to a source of income.

    He was one of the people who changed our mindset from thinking music is just for gangsters to seeing it as an art that can be a source of income for the youth.

    How he has been consistent in the game

    He was one of the founders of the 2000s music group called East Coast Team, with other musicians who are still his friends to date like Ambwene Yesaya (AY) and King Crazy GK, he was famously known for his flows even when their group separated.

    He was successful in releasing hit songs that gave us different sayings in the street, songs like ‘Unanitega‘, ‘Mabinti‘, ‘Alikufa kwa Ngoma’ which he did with Lady Jaydee who is a music legend herself, and ‘Dakika Moja’ which he did together with his friends AY and Hard Mad. All these songs left a mark in the music industry.

    His respect for his work and for people is what keeps him in the game to date, it is not easy to see him in scandals or publicity stunts, I think maybe his age may be a reason but even when he was young he didn’t have any scandals.

    It was just his good personality and demeanor that made him live well and in good terms with people. Good work always stays relevant no matter the time, and that’s why if you hear Lucille by Kenny Rogers, it is as if it was released yesterday, Mwana FA’s songs have the same effect in people’s ears.

    How Mwana FA disturbed the Tanzanian music industry with his songs
    Mwana FA

    His songs are like stories and that’s why if you hear he has gone to the studio, you should prepare your ear, notebook, and open to listen to his lecture that he drops in the song.

    Songs like ‘Mfalme‘ which he did with G Nako and ‘We endelea tu’ are some of the songs that when they are played, you as an artist have to postpone releasing your songs because the attention of Tanzanian listeners is focused on Mwana FA. ‘Mfalme’ for example is a ghetto gospel, he touched the souls of people while thanking God.

    Are we losing him in the game recently?

    Every prophet has his own time, and artists retire too, but Mwana FA is someone who never changes his style even when a lot of rappers did.

    In a season when rappers changed, Mwana FA released ‘Kiboko Yangu‘ with his friend Ali Kiba, so maybe that is what is limiting him from getting ahead in the game?

    He is someone who doesn’t boast, even when you watch his interviews he is just someone who spits knowledge.

    He campaigned and was elected as the MP of Muheza last year in October, so is that a driving force to his music taking the backseat? I don’t know, I have a feeling he will prove us wrong by releasing another hit song.

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