How ‘Love Nwantiti’ catapulted Ckay to Wizkid’s level in a year

Factually how Love Nwantiti propelled Ckay to the Wizkid’s level within one year.

Thanks to the success of Afrobeats songs working marvels all over the world, the slogan “Afrobeats To The World” has become fully operational, however, this is not in any way meant to compare Ckay and Wizkid.

Since the beginning of this decade, a few songs from the African continent, primarily from Nigeria, have made their way outside the continent’s borders to other parts of the globe.

These songs have been making waves in other nations and have even charted in global musical powerhouses such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

This is no easy task, given that these songs are categorised as Afrobeats rather than other popular music genres in other nations. Essence, Peru, Love Nwantinti, and Luv have all recently charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

These songs have successfully put Nigeria and Africa on the map, laid out a path for African artists to follow, and provided a platform for Afrobeat culture to thrive in the world’s largest music markets.

Love Nwantiti by Ckay is the song that stands out the most among all of this.

On August 30, 2019, Love Nwantinti was released as part of the singer’s EP titled ‘CKay The First.’

It’s difficult to match the achievement of music released in 2019 and still appearing on multiple Billboard charts nearly three years later.

Because of the saturated nature of the music industry nowadays, music consumers have a habit of moving on from a song or album very rapidly.

Many artists are focusing on producing higher-quality music since no one wants to be left behind, but this is not the case with Love Nwantiti, as people are only now beginning to understand the true meaning of the song.

Love Nwantinti is a mid-tempo song, jazzy with a lot of guitar instrumentations, making it sonically vibey and groovy .

The sound is a wonderful combination of Pop and R&B. The artist sings about his partner, who is extremely important to and with whom he is obsessed.

It has one of the best melodies, which is one of the reasons it appeals to music enthusiasts all around the world.

CKay is naturally gifted with beautiful melodies, which he utilizes to their utmost potential in this tune.

The song has become a lovers’ anthem in Nigeria and around the world, which is unsurprising given its capacity to evoke a romantic vibe anytime it is played.

Since its release, the song has been making waves locally and across the African continents; it was heavily featured in Thriller videos in 2020, but it was not well received worldwide.

Shazam’s and TikTok’s significant actions and impacts brought it to the attention of the entire world.

The song gained a lot of traction on TikTok since many users utilized it as a background track for their videos, and both users and viewers appreciated it.

This wasn’t enough; folks needed to know what tune it was because music credits weren’t widely displayed at the time. Enter Shazam.

Shazam assisted others in identifying the music and its owner, and here we are today! Both the music and its owner have progressed.

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