How Diamond Platnumz rip off Naira Marley’s ”Soapy”

    Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platinumz seems to have stolen part of Naira Marley’s”Soapy ” for his new song “Baba Lao”

    How Diamond Platnumz rip off Naira Marley’s ”Soapy”
    Diamond Plainumz

    We listened carefully to both songs, and we can’t help but have this Exact feeling.

    Naira Marley’s“Soapy” was released in June 2019 and became a street jam the minute it dropped.

    Although the song contains sensitive lyrics, it has this unique “Shaku shaku” vibe to it that makes it irresistible.

    The song which was produced by Rexxie is no doubt, a hit song, which seizes to fade from our hearing.

    Diamond Platnnumz is, on the other hand, is a Tanzanian singer, however, well known in Nigeria

    The singer got himself a huge recognition in the Nigeran Music industry through his Collaboration with Davido; “Number one”, which was a banger as at then.

    Along the line, he has also worked with several other Nigerian artists to produce colorful tunes.

    Diamond however made a terrible decision when he decided to rip off Naira Marley’s “Soapy” for his song.

    Although his song is also very nice and is on a smooth lane to becoming a hit, at least a tribute or shout out to Naira Marley would have been great.

    Naira Marley

    One of the producers of Diamond Platnumz’s songs known as S2Kizzy, however, came out to say that they had spoken to Naira Marley prior to the release of the song.

    S2Kizzy made this statement during an interview with Wasafi Media.

    He said;

    ” We started making the song a long time ago , when we went to madagascar .We wanted an African beat, then Naira Marley’s song started playing at a certain TV channel. We liked the vibe. We were inspired by his beat and put our own vibe.”

    Interestingly, this is not the first time the “Baba Lao” singer has been involved in such a scandal.

    Earlier on, a controversy arose as he was accused of featuring large elements of a song from Namibian singer King TeeDee on his own song, “The One“.

    However, nothing was proved and no legal actions were taken as there was not much concrete evidence against him.

    Some people nonetheless, remain of the Opinion that the Tanzanian singer is wrong for shamelessly trying to steal from other people’s art.

    Although the producer of the song hinted on a remix in Which Naira Marley would be featured, not much Nigerians are buying it as we think it’s just a damage control stunt.

    Nonetheless, it’s also high time For Diamond Platnumz to grow up and end his “Jacking” ways.

    Who knows, the next victim may not be so nice.

    As of now, Naira Marley is yet to talk about the whole issue, but we hope it is resolved amicably.

    Perhaps, a remix would really be a good idea as both will sound great, and create a mega African street jam!!!.

    Watch both Music Videos below and share your thoughts.


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