How Davido’s “Blow My Mind” Leveraged Chris Brown, Successfully.

is one of the biggest things to happen to the music industry, anywhere in Africa. Even off-shore, he’s a fan favorite. The charts, platinum plaques and international awards are there to show for that. So, you would have thought in 2019, he probably wouldn’t need anyone to make a big hit.

Well, maybe if that anyone wasn’t . Truth is, this year has been scary as the top dawgs have gone silent. Even s occasional hits didn’t last that long. wouldn’t drop anything, the whole crew too. Whatever was going on, they all have an understanding of it.

But that’s definitely not how stars do. Star makes hit, and that was what was supposed to be doing. Making hits. However, after his two-year unlimited streak, one would think he was going to give us something different. It’s the least he could do, right? So, what could he have done that would make a difference?

Then came Indigo. It’s not certain when Davido started the link up with but the timing was perfect. Breezy was just storming back the industry with his star-studded collaborative project, “Indigo” which had songs with big guys like (“No Guidance”), (“Lurkin”) and (“Sexy”). A collaboration with Chris at the time is just as good as big as being on the LP. Also, Davido will get to create the music.

Blow My Mind wasn’t a flop. Davido was at his best, and even if he wasn’t (which he was), Chris Brown doing ad-libs for you is everything. Enough to make a hit, with good vibes. Shizzi hooked ’em up with a cool Afrobeat, which we could say isn’t classic Davido. But it worked fine. Chris Brown understood it enough to bust some moves to it in the video.

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What’s even amazing, is it came almost at the same Chris Brown released the video to his hit with his new friend, , “No Guidance.” He was trending, and so will anything that has his name on it. Davido is already the pride of Africa, and a Chris Brown collaboration is considered a new height for the “IF” singer.

It’s not all Chris Brown, of course. But you don’t stay in the kitchen for so long to bring out a mediocre shit. If it wasn’t a Chris Brown collaboration, it better be a Drake one or something along that line.

Davido and Chris Brown

scored the duet, Burna put out his project which had stars (, , , ) and Davido did “Blowy Mind” with none other than Chris. The time couldn’t be more perfect, yeah.

Hey, summer just got better!

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