H_art the Band: What makes the Kenyan band so iconic.

    It’s not easy for people especially adults do work together for a very long time as a team. We have seen bands break up even after having a great audience.

    H_art the Band: What makes the Kenyan band so iconic.
    H_art the Band: What makes the Kenyan band so iconic.

    From one direction to the ‘Yamoto ‘band from Tanzania. They all broke up at some point; so what made H_art the band so iconic? What has made H_art the Band last? And why is it currently one of the most successful bands in Kenya and East Africa?

    Talent and hard work.

    H_art the Band; the name sound poetic right? These amazing artists put serious thoughts into the band’s name and came up with something magical.

    In short, H_art is the combination of the words heart and art with an underscore as the bridge between the words. it simply means their hearts are connected by their art.

    They truly deserve the name and their growing chemistry and talent prove it. When they perform live, you have to be touched somehow with their astounding voices.

    They don’t need to auto-tune; auto-tune needs them. They literally own the stage. So with this, I say natural talent has to be one of the reasons keeping H_art glued together.

    Know the members and their undeniable chemistry

    What makes the band stand for almost ten years without falling apart; is it the management or the chemistry and attachment they have towards one another.

    They met in 2012 along the corridors of KNT cancer awareness and things just hit off from there.

    H_art the Band- What makes the Kenyan band so iconic.
    H_art the Band

    None knew the other could sing, not until Mordecai started singing to Kenneth’s guitar and that’s when the name H_art the band came from.

    The members of this iconic band are Mordecai Mwini, Wachira Gatama, and Kenneth Muya. I call them the three musicteers. Not that this is related but do you think the same thing would’ve happened in case the members mentioned were women? Chemistry could be the key.

    H_art the Band GOAT music

    No matter what taste or genre of music you love, hart the band is involved. This band has been ranked as one of the great bands ever in Kenya and East Africa.

    Bands have been breaking up but these have lasted persevered and managed to offer us the best music our ears could hope for. They deserve the Africa music award (AFRIMA) they got in 2015 on the hit called NIKIKUTAZAMA (when I look at you).

    That was just the beginning of the musical bulb and it got brighter leaving a marking history for every following track. A memorable one is ULIZA KIATU, which got a lot of positive responses from the male gender.

    The song ‘Uliza Kiatu‘ translates ‘ask my shoe’, which simply means that men undergo a lot of difficulties that are overlooked and underrated especially by ungrateful women but you can only know these hardships if you walk on their shoe. A bit dramatic don’t you think? Anyway, I adored this song and it deserved all the publicity it got.

    In the historical year 2020 when we were all sad and depressed due to the families and jobs we have lost, H_art the band blessed our ears with the song EL SHADAAI which comforted our souls and made us on the good things that God has done for us despite the difficult times we face.

    When I tell you this song was in all WhatsApp statuses of Kenya, all media channels and it was number one trending on YouTube for a good number of weeks.

    Everyone despite religion or tribe just loved the song. It speaks volumes about you when you can make people from different cultures love your art. Big up H_art!

    Currently, h_art the band is rocking with the track MY JABER which is one Of the greatest hits in 2021. You can’t fail to like it.

    So there we have our reasons, it’s a natural talent, hard work, the chemistry among members, and releasing banger after banger.

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