Good Music and You – What’s Your Favorite Genre?

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If you ask anyone to define good music, they might tell you its music that touches the soul. Some will opt to say it’s music that makes you get on your feet and dance while humming to the lyrics. While others will tell you good music is something artistic which melts your heart and soul. You can even bet on your favorite matches with Betway football betting while you listen to your favorite music. We are sure you would love it!

Everyone has their own definition of what is good music. Every culture has their own music. This is what
defines them and give people an identity to a certain community.

However, before we look at the history of music it is best to define what it is. Music can simply be defined as an art of sound in time which artistically expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms of elements like rhythm, melody, harmony and colour. This is according to a definition by Dictionary.com.

Music is believed to have started in the early civilization. Explorers have seen a prehistoric drawing of people in caves in what they appear to be dancing. The presence of dancing obviously presents the presence of music.

The presence of musical instruments which have been discovered over the years is a clear sign that music has always been there. Actually thinking about it, nature itself is the mother of music. When the wind sways the trees or when it whistles in your ear, or when the birds whistle in the morning their beautiful melodious sounds.

Most artists strive to achieve good music which will stand the test of time. The late Freddie Mercury composer one of the best song to the Queen herself dubbed the Bohemian Rhapsody. This song was a masterpiece which has stood the test of time for over three decades.

was famously known as the King of Pop. When you think about him most people will remember his stage presence and his famous dancing styles. Although he started out with the Jackson 5 his solo songs have been hits for decades.

Rock with me, Give it to me, Thriller and Who’s loving you are all hits which were pretty good. One musician who has always fascinated and made an impact on the music industry is the late . It has already been 37 years since his passing but reggae fans always pay tribute to his songs. His songs were his memories of the life and times he had been through. That’s why No woman no Cry, Is this love, Three little birds, One love and Buffalo Soldier have an impact on so many reggae artists and fans.

Modern musicians should learn a lesson or two from these legends. Since there passing, nothing has changed, we still remember them through their music. Kendrick Lamar has been dubbed the century’s King of Hip Hop while is the Queen of Pop. But we just have to wait and see if even after 10 decades the next generation will still be tuning into their songs.

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