From “Fake Love” to “Aza,” what changed?

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From Fake Love to Aza, what changedEveryone (at least, a vast majority) thinks DMW’s “Aza,” which had heavyweights, and alongside newcomer, , isn’t such a good jam. Especially when compared to ’s “Fake Love,” which had Duncan, too. Given the quality of the two records, the comparison is even dumb. “Aza” is below that standard everyone watched out for.

This is why… In August 2018, we’ve heard too much (‘much enough’) of Duncan, Davido and Peruzzi. Too much for us to take in a ‘mediocre’ from either of ’em. Now, if we’re talking of three banging artistes on the same song, that song shouldn’t be “Aza!”

Davido’s had a stellar year already, with solo releases like “Assurance,” “Flora My Flawa” and “Nwa Baby.” So, 2018 is secure, you know. He’s not missing out on Awards, this year. And that’s pretty fine.

If at the beginning of 2018, Duncan Mighty needed to be introduced, probably to some youngins who didn’t know him, by the time July ended, no introduction was needed again. Once you say Duncan, everyone know s what’s on the table. He’s been on a couple fire jams, including ’s “Lova Lova,” ’s “Sabi,’s “Chinelo.” But it all keeps coming back to Wizkid’s “Fake Love!” Here is the thing, you may think “Fake Love” is getting the whole hype because it was the first record that re-introduced a legend back to the industry. But, heyyy, it’s actually a dope song. The theme’s clear, the vibe’s pure, the beat’s not normal, and everything worked out so fine.

But then…. “Say your Aza, baby say your aza” (WTF is even the meaning of Aza?) Davido hyped the song, so much we were expecting a much better track. Probably better than “Fake Love,” but that, he failed. The vibe flopped, the Mighty Duncan couldn’t help hold Davido and his protége together. The video didn’t help either. Oops!

It’s OK, because no one’s perfect. But if “Aza” was a record made to further push Davido’s ‘topping’ over Wizkid, he lost. The problem is, not only he, DMW, too. Possibly, Duncan, too.