Fraud victim tackles Mr. P over the N7,000 Fraud

  • slams fraud victim who lost N7000.

  • Fraud Victim attacks over the N7,000 Fraud.

Fraud victim tackles Mr. P over the N7,000 Fraud
Fraud victim tackles over the N7,000 Fraud

award-winning artist Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P of PSquare, has been tackled by the fraud victim demanding that his be refunded back to him after he was defrauded on his N7,000.

Recall, reported that the singer publicly denied ever convincing his fans to send him N7,000 in exchange for N140,000 all in the name of giveaway. A few fans managed to escape this fraud but some of his fans also fell victims to the trap set by these fraudsters.

He Said:

“A good name is better than a bad name! These victims are so selfish and greedy! I thought Giveaway was someone Giving money! But how do these fraudsters convince these victims to pay for the Giveaway is something I don’t understand! I will continue disclaiming it!

“How can someone tell you to send him 7k  to receive 140k? Does that make any sense? Abi these fraudsters they use Juju for mouth?”


They took to social media to call out the musician, demanding that he refunds all the monies they have lost in the said giveaway but Peter has refused to bow to their request since he was impersonated by these fraudsters.

One of these victims has used his platform to threaten the musician, demanding that he refund the he gave to the fraudsters in his name.

He warned the singer that if he didn’t comply by returning the he transferred to the scammers, he would never experience true peace in his life.

See the tweet below:

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