Fireboy vs Rema: Why there shouldn’t be comparison

    Fireboy DML of YBNL and Rema of Mavin Records both came into the music industry at the same time and since then the comparison between them hasn’t stopped.

    Fireboy DML and Rema

    Fireboy DML and Rema are both artists who have both perform wonderfully in the music industry and a note of warning, this article isn’t aimed at declaring one person superior over the other but to actually explain why the comparison between them should stop.


    While both artists can both be considered Afrobeats artists, one will agree that they sound different. Rema infuses trap into his music. That combination can be heard in his two of his EPs, “Rema the Freestyle EP” and “Bad Commando EP”.

    Fireboy DML, on the other hand, is more or less an artist who loves his comfort zone and don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad thing for him. Fireboy DML sings songs that are unique to him and is acceptable to his fanbase.

    In conclusion, they both have their own unique sound that can’t be compared.


    While people say the numbers don’t matter, we all know that having high streaming numbers is bragging rights for artists who want to use it to compare themselves to a rival artist.

    Rema has a total of 47,024,573 views on Youtube while Fireboy DML has a total of 34,689,866 views on Youtube. While on Spotify Fireboy has a total of 357,075 monthly listeners and Rema has a total of 1,525,888 monthly listeners. 


    In terms of International reach, Rema takes the crown. In barely three years of officially joining the music industry, Rema had his song “Iron man” included on A, American former president, Barack Obama’s workout playlist, got a shoutout from Canadian-American Rapper, Drake who also said he would love to have a song with the young singer. His debut song, Dumebi was played by Rihanna during an Instagram live. But Rema’s achievement does not take away the fact that Fireboy is a good artist.


    The answer is simple, Branding!  One must know that in terms of branding, Rema has it better than Fireboy DML. It is not just enough to have good songs, you also need great publicity and Mavin Records knows how to brand even the wackiest of artists. The branding that Rema has had the opportunity of receiving courtesy of Mavin Records has helped in moving his career forward. WHile YBNL is trying their very best for Fireboy, if Fireboy has the kind of branding Rema has, Fireboy might get the same level of recognition Rema gets internationally.

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