Fireboy DML discusses Peru’s creation, collaboration with Madonna

  • Fireboy DML speaks about Peru’ creation and how he connected with Madonna to remix her song.

  • The singer talks about performing at Wembley Arena later this year

Fireboy DML discusses Peru's creation, collaboration with Madonna
Fireboy DML discusses Peru’ creation, collaboration with Madonna

During an interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1, the YBNL superstar Fireboy DML discusses how his hit song “Peru” came about and how he made a connection with renowned American singer Madonna for a collaboration on her song for the remix.

Fireboy DML speaking on how the song “Peru” has nothing to do with the country, and what it’ actually about, he said:

“[The word “peru” is] also an allusion to a friend of mine, also an artist, Peruzzi. He has uses this tagline in his songs, so I just use it as… it was like a pun, wordplay kind of thing…I was just really telling the story of a young boy who would find himself in a place that he’ never been before.
I recorded that song because it was my first in the United States and I just got off a writer’ block. I just come back from Miami where I had the most beautiful at a strip club.
I think I was near depressed, and I just got to the United States and I just was like, “Wow.” I just made that song out of that feeling, so I think that’ my most spontaneous song I ever made. It was like a 45-minute freestyle.”


The “Jealous” hitmaker on connecting with Madonna for the remix of her track “Frozen,” He stated that,

“She reached out to me first in 2019 when my first album came out. She was like, “Yo, I love your album, amazing.” “Is this the Madonna? Wow, thank you so much, this means a lot to me,” blah, blah blah, and that was it. Fast forward to 2022, she hit me up on Instagram. “Yo, hey.” I’m like, “Hey, it’ her again, wow!” And she’ like, “I want you to be a part of my classic, one of my classics.” I’m like, “Of course.” Then she sends to me, I’m like, “Of course I know this song!” She was like, yeah, she’s trying to do a remix. I’m like, “Of course, let’s do this,” and then went back and forth on WhatsApp.
She’ a perfectionist just like me. Sort of like a control freak in a way too, I like that about her. We went back and forth and did that, and then we linked up to shoot the video. I think the Madonna record and Peru are easily my favorite collaborations, just because of the vibes that was around when we shot the video. Amazing, organic, natural, that is why I never force collaborations, just for moments like that. Some people force collaborations and the video shoot’ always awkward. Nah, nah. It was never like that with Madonna, she’s amazing.”

Speaking further the singer revealed why he chose the title ‘Playboy;

“Playboy, because over the years I’ve been a very reclusive superstar. You would never run into Fireboy randomly. I only ever got out the house when I had to leave the house, and back home, that’ not how superstars do. You’re supposed to see superstars everywhere in the club randomly like, “Yo, yo, yo.” I’ve always been a homebody, I’ve always been this reclusive, chill person. But I decided that I needed to come out of my shell and actually face the reality that is my life right now. I’m a superstar, I need to enjoy my superstardom. I need to embrace the reality that is my life right now. That’ what it’s about, I’m coming out to play, Playboy.”

Fireboy on performing at Wembley Arena later this year,

“It’ a really big deal. It was a ballsy move for me to be honest. But I just thought, “It’s now or never, man. Just do it.” …the tickets are selling out fast. I’m not sold out yet, but it’s been positive.”

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