Fireboy DML: A Proof That Good Music Still Exist.

    Fireboy DML, a new generation artist, that has restored hope to the existence of good music in the Nigerian music industry.

    Fireboy DML A Proof That Good Music Still Exist.
    Fireboy DML

    Decades ago, the Nigerian music scene was flooded with nothing but soul awaking songs. Intriguing melodies, and lyrics that screamed Love, freedom, and Motivation.

    However, there was general starvation for something to dance to, something which talked about entertainment and celebration.

    Then the present generation of artists was born.

    These artists brought danceable beats and celebration songs, but at the same time, they forgot a brutal part of good music; Lyrics that sent a message.

    Two to three years ago, our music was just all about danceable beats, meaningless slangs, and “get rich quick” preaching lyrics.

    We thought that was all our music was going to be about, until early this year, when a young music sensation broke into the music scene and changed the game.

    I present to you; Fireboy DML.

    Fireboy DML

    Fireboy DML

    Adedamola Adefolahon aka Fireboy DML or Fireboy is a 23year old Afro-pop singer and songwriter, currently signed to Olamide’s YBNL record label.

    The singer made a grand entrance into the music industry through the release of his hit single; “Jealous”.

    I don’t need to overemphasize, we all know the massive effect that tune has on us, becoming our favorite song and topping all our music charts.

    Next, he followed it up with “What if I say“, another love song that got a lot of girls blushing, and “KIng”, the story of a dignified loverboy.

    When I listened to these songs, I couldn’t help to exclaim to myself; “Damn! this is music!!”

    Fireboy DML’s Album; Laughter Tears and Goosebumps”

    Fireboy DML- Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps.

    Just a few months after his introduction into the Nigerian music industry,” Mp3bullet.ng”  the music genius did well to drop a mesmerizing and power-packed 13-track album, which he titled; Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps, 

    Asides the hit songs listed above, the album comprises several new songs that are starting to act like drugs in our system.

    This album which contains no featured artist has received many positive reviews, and millions of live streams just a few days after.

    With so little publicity, this album spoke for itself and skyrocketed across all digital platforms

    Fireboy DML- good music still exists

    The most amazing part of Fireboy DML‘s sound is that it does not just contain empowering and beautiful words, but it also comes with that Vibe that you can still jam to.

    To buttress my point, let’s explore some of his songs, especially the new ones


    When you listen to this particular song, you have this party feeling, and tempts you to move your body. Still, you can still feel his vocal magic, whispering things in your head. He doesn’t go all rogue in the song, yet, “Party scatter”, that’s a great jam right there!

    *Need you

    A typical love sing, embedded in more of Yoruba language. In this particular song, he uses deep words to express his love, words that separate you from reality and leaves you in a lovestruck trance. A song that lets you think; “Wait! I think I have someone I feel this exact way about”. That’s a beautiful love song right there!

    *Omo Ologo

    This cracker malo produced song is in a way different from Fireboy DML’s usual love song, this is the main street jam! It shows Fireboy’s versatility, the artist can still create a jam, without indulging in a vocal session. Like scatter, it’s all about the dancing vibe.

    Asides these songs listed above, we also have love tunes like;” Vibration”, Like I do”, “Energy“, “Feel“, party jams like; “Gbas Gbos”, and other mad jams.

    Each and every song embedded in the massive piece of work is a proof of divine artistry and a clear description of ” Good music”.

    We are extremely grateful for a music sensation like Fireboy DML, as he has successfully restored the regime of quality music in the Nigerian music industry.

    Keep up the great work Fireboy, the sky is just your starting point!!!

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