Fem: Davido fires shots at Burna Boy?

    As you know, Davido dropped his song, ‘Fem‘ on the 10th of August three months after going on a Social media hiatus. The question being asked is if the song is a diss track for Burna Boy?

    Fem: Davido fires shots at Burna Boy?
    Fem: Davido fires shots at Burna Boy?

    On June 3, 2020, Davido had posted a cryptic message on his social media accounts announcing he was taking a break from social media.

    While he was present online via his Crew’s social media accounts, he kept true to his words by not posting anything on his social media account except when a post for an online concert was made and his Grammy Mentorship program which took place on Instagram Live.

    Now fast forward to the month of September, his song ‘Fem’ dropped. He had however released a snippet of him singing to the song months back before he went on his hiatus leading people to believe the song was going to be called ‘Para’.

    ‘Fem’ is a Yoruba slang for ‘Shut Up’ and the lyrics of the song has been interpreted to be a diss song for Burna Boy and here’s why;

    Davido starts the song with, “E be like you don dey talk too much, small talk you don dey talk talk, fem. O boy, you don dey do too much, small talk you don dey look who talk, fem…”

    He then goes on with “Person wey dey find pity, nor dey do me itty bitty. You wan know 30 BG, you go know 30 GB when you see 30 BG…” 

    Where it get interesting is when he sings, “Then Odogwu say we ‘Like To Party’ just call me…:” 

    Now, Burna Boy referred to himself as Odogwu (which means a great/mighty person in Igbo language) in one of his lead singles from the ‘Twice As Tall’ album, ‘Odogwu’ is also the song title.

    Burna Boy’s debut official single ever (which marked the beginning of his career), is also titled ‘Like To Party’ (from his L.I.F.E album).

    Davido is combining two of Burna’s song titles, which makes us believe this song is a direct shot at the African Giant.

    So, what exactly happened between the two artists;

    Davido and Burna Boy are not exactly best friends but they were okay. In fact, most of Davido’s beef was usually with Wizkid which is why till this date, their fans are both at loggerhead.

    Davido even featured on “Trumpet” (2011) from Burna Boy’s second installment of his Burn Identity series.

    In the month of March during a question and answer, Burna Boy announced that he would be dropping an album in the month of July. Davido in the month of May revealed he would be dropping an album also in July.

    On Burna Boy’s Instagram stories came the following message, “July will be very funny and I shall laugh accordingly.”

    A little while later, Davido posted a photo of himself and Wizkid as edited by a graphic designer, AyoAfrica on his Twitter and wrote, “The two greatest of all time, no [cap].” He then gave AyoAfrica a sum of one million Naira.



    Meanwhile, on his Instagram stories, Burna wrote,

    You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team, but your daddy bought the football team…

    This implied that Davido was only popular as a result of his Father’s wealth.

    This shades by Burna Boy got fans speculating as to what could have caused the bad blood between the two as Davido had performed at Burna Boy’s concert in 2018 and even celebrated his Grammy Nomination.

    While that was still going on, Aloma, Davido’s PA, and a member of DMW’s crew took to social media to threaten Burna Boy.

    Aloma’s actions cleared up any doubts about the fragile issues happening between the two artists.

    The things Aloma said appeared to be backed up by Davido’s lyrics on, ‘FEM.’ He found a bridge between a man who sounded like the victim when he sang, “Why dem come dey para for me?” and appearing to issue out threats, “Na why 30 BG, dem go para for you o…”

    He also sang, “Before the matter gets serious, before the whole matter gets dangerous, you need to make sure you don’t say too much coz if you say too much, I fit run up on you… I get men, I nor dey gather boys.

    “I just dey live my life, man dem turn am to shoot on sight. Why? E be say na me dey give them life… Make una tell am to call me…”

    What role does ‘FEM’ play into all this?

    While the whole lyrics are Davido bragging about his status and his importance in the music industry, remember that ‘Fem’ is just a prelude to the bigger picture, ‘A Better Time” which is likely to be released in September 2020.

    Burna Boy has already dropped his “Twice as Tall’ album in August and the album is already breaking records and making waves across the globe. If Davido’s “A Better Time’ can do better is still yet to be ascertained.

    However, while the two battle it out, one person sure to benefit from all this fiasco would Wizkid whose album, “Made In Lagos” is set to drop in 2020.


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