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    It’s very common for celebrities to enjoy buying fancy things, such as real estate or even fancy jets. At the same time, there are also celebrities out there who would much rather go to a casino and try their luck. If you want to find out more about the people who like to gamble then take a look below.

    Charlie Sheen

    The first person on this list had to be Charlie Sheen. He would often visit land-based casinos and it was even claimed that he spent a large sum of money on sports betting. Now he has given up gambling for good so that he can work on the other aspects of his life but either way, he was known for hitting the casinos in his early days.

    Ben Affleck
    Ben Affleck is a very passionate card player. He enjoys testing his luck on games such
    as poker and even blackjack. He even enjoys tipping those who run the casino and
    their employees very generously because he knows how hard they work and he
    appreciates the casino experience in general. When he is shooting movies, he
    sometimes uses an online casino in Nigeria.

    Matt Damon
    Next up is Matt Damon. When he was gearing up for his role as Mike McDermott in the
    hit movie Rounders, he played a lot of blackjacks so that he could learn the game and so
    he could get a better idea of the casino experience and it certainly paid off. He has put
    a lot of work in with all of his roles and this one is certainly no different.

    Tobey Maguire

    Tobey Maguire loved playing in high-stakes poker games and he also enjoyed teaming up with other Hollywood players as well. Although he never did anything to do with gambling in his previous roles, he has a passion for the game of poker, and he loves to play it whenever he has some spare time. Another celebrity who loves poker is actually Pamela Anderson. She married Rick Salomon who is a professional poker player and some say that the only reason why she agreed to marry him is that she lost a bet against him.

    Shannon Elizabeth

    Shannon Elizabeth comes in next. She is an American actress and she is very famous for her role in American Pie. She plays Nadia and she became a very good poker player. She visited the Las Vegas Valley and she participated in various poker tournaments. She played with some of the finest players around and this is one of the many reasons why she is able to win so often. Of course, only time will tell if she is able to go on to be the best player in the world but right now she is certainly on track for a lot of future success. She has won so many tournaments and she also has her movie fans behind her as well, which is always a nice sight to see.

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