Falz, Talk, Fela & Activism In Nigerian Music

    Fela Kuti is an icon. In his days, he made very interesting music, created afro-beat, and studied his craft till he became perfect with sounds. But know what made the difference? He wasn’t just musician, he was an activist. Chief Commander (yeah, he did have that amusing title) Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade et al, are also Legends who made good music, in those days. But is it surprising that Fela Kuti is the only one relevant in pop-culture, today? No, it’s not.

    Falz, Talk, Fela & Activism In Nigerian Music The reason is clear. While the Commander will sing praises of anyone, from rich businessmen, philanthropists, politician, and every other guy that’s got cash to offer, Fela was an activist. voice for the poor, in times of suffering and strong critic of the system, the government – which has never favoured the masses. And that’s that on Fela.

    Then, when ‘hip-hop’ came and we were free from all the MurderSheWrote-esque dancehall that were disturbing the airwaves then, it was time for artistes to address pressing issues with their own medium. Not that we’d change the whole system overnight or some miracle will happen, but silence wasn’t helping either. Someone had to “talk.”

    That was what birthed “Jaga Jaga” by Eedris Abdulkareem, and host of 2Baba tracks that talked about the government. Dagrin was even crazier, when he went hard onDemocracy. All that coupled with all the subliminal shots has managed to throw.

    BUT, the business is different. popular rapper would rather lick corrupt politician’s ass, than do something silly and end up like Eedris. In today’s business, you don’t need any bad PR, and artists can’t risk it. They’re afraid. We don’t blame ’em, but in these hard time, someone has to Talk!

    Election is coming and Falz ain’t campaigning for nobody. He broke our jaws when “Talk” was released. It couldn’t have come at better time. Been almost eight months since the highly-controversial “This Is Nigeria,” and the need for another ‘moral instruction’ is expedient. Falz never disappoints.

    Let’s forget all the shut-down london, Eko hotel thing, the reason Falz is relevant in the industry today isn’t how much albums he’s selling or how popular his music is becoming. It’s how much sense he puts into his music.

    With all the socio-political issues he’s talking about, don’t you think Falz is Nigeria’s Kendrick Lamar? Except of course, no Nigerian president’s endorsing the young nigga.

    From the satirical comedy, “Soldier” which pictures the way military men think they can get whatever they want, to “Child of The World” which talks about sexual assault, victimization and depression, to Confirm that tackles all sort of craps happening on the Internet, and then the all-round “This Is Nigeria” that even mentioned the Gucci snake Slimcase talked about.

    And now? He wants us to talk everything he talks again (that’s wrong English, yeah).

    On “Talk,” he once again calls out boys who are into cultism and illegitimate businesses, and girls into the runs business. He didn’t spare the President, as he touched on his incessant holidays. Oh, and the clergyman who has three Jets? He never forgets. Senators fighting Kung-fu, N19, 800 as allowance in 2019. Damn. In short, we’re tired of all the nonsense.

    Who’s more Fela, Wizkid or Burna Boy? FALZ!

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