Exclusive Interview: Bella Alubo talks career, issues with Tinny and more

    Bella Alubo is a Nigerian musician, alternative R&B singer and songwriter.

    In a recent chat with Mp3Bullet, Bella Alubo revealed what really happened between her and the former record label ‘tinny Entertainment’, her relationship with Ycee, Career, lifestyle and forthcoming project.

    Exclusive Interview: Bella Alubo talks career, issues with tinny and more
    Bella Alubo

    Mp3Bullet: What inspired you to be a musician?

    Bella Alubo: I’ve basically always been writing because I like expressing myself and keep it as a record of my feelings…so yeah! I’d say probably keeping a diary inspired me to write and that inspires me to be a musician.

    Mp3Bullet: What challenges do you face in creating music and why do you choose the alternative style?

    Bella Alubo: umm! first of all, I feel like I make all kinds of music, I guess sometimes when the music gets grouped as an alternative but that’s just like me being myself, I guess when you’re like yourself and you stand out, that’s an alternative way to be possibly..umm buh yeah!

    Most of the challenges are basically linked to funding because funding slows down a lot of things I would like to do as a musician.

    Exclusive Interview: Bella Alubo talks career, issues with tinny and more
    Bella Alubo

    Mp3Bullet: How do you balance music and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic?

    Bella Alubo: basically, right now I’m trying to do a lot at once, so I finished my masters last year and so I’m trying to apply that business knowledge I got doing stuff like creative direction for the bands and business development for the bands, as in speed service, so that’s just like a side gig I’m doing, so it’s basically helping me through the pandemic based on getting my extra needed finance…and other than that, I’m just been recording by myself or at my producer’s friends houses.

    Mp3Bullet: Can you tell us what really happened between you and Tinny Entertainment?

    Bella Alubo: What happened…was essentially, I guess I got defrauded because I made money which I’ve never been given an account of, I was emotionally abused and left homeless…and yeah! All of that but I’m moving on to greater height.

    Mp3Bullet: Which record label are you currently signed to?

    Bella Alubo: I’m signed to Bella Alubo music, it is a very promising independent record label, it is in Nigeria and operating worldwide.

    Mp3Bullet: Were you in any kind of relationship with Ycee back then?

    Bella Alubo: (Laughs) No…well..yeah! I was in some sort of relationship, Ycee was like my family, I was like a close friend, and also we had creative chemistry from working on an EP together.

    Mp3Bullet: Which Nigerian artiste do you wish to work with?

    Bella Alubo: My dream collaboration in Nigeria is Burna Boy

    Mp3Bullet: Where do you think you will find yourself in the next Five (5) years?

    Bella Alubo: I see myself at the top of the entertainment industry chain, I see myself as a very successful artist who is making a difference, not just for the industry, but to my gender, to my geographic origin…yeah! I see myself being an icon in the next five years with a lot of money…(Laughs)

    Exclusive Interview: Bella Alubo talks career, issues with tinny and more
    Bella Alubo

    Mp3Bullet: What projects are you presently working on?

    Bella Alubo: The projects I’m currently working on is an EP and LP but I may just combine both of them for an even longer LP…so yeah! I am working on a project

    Mp3Bullet: On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, or anything else?

    Bella Alubo: I think I spent the most on dresses and sneakers, I really like sneakers and I really like dresses which are ironic but not really…but yeah! Those are the two.

    Bella Alubo: Thanks MP3bullet for your questions and hope I have answered them.


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