Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay

    Mp3bullet.ng presents a list of Essential songs from Sarkodie to put on replay. Sarkodie has established himself as one of Africa’s greatest musicians with a career spanning just over a decade.

    Here are 10 songs from Sarkodie to put on replay.

    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay
    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay

    Sarkodie began his career in the late 2000s and broke into the mainstream in 2010. He’s been there for over a decade, dropping songs that have gone to break records, becoming Ghana’s biggest, most loved, and most envied rapper in the process.

    Aside from his A-list status on the African music scene, this rapper has the art of hit-making down to a science. He knows how to compose music and how to perform it.

    Sarkodie has also earned the title of Africa’s most decorated rapper. He has received more awards in African music than any other rapper, including Ghana Music Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards, and BET Awards. With 92 awards out of 165 nominations, it’s safe to call the Tema rapper a living legend.

    He is the rapper of the moment, an emissary of hiplife and GH rap, hip-hop subgenres with distinct Ghanaian sonic fingerprints.

    Coming up through the underground, his battle skills drew industry attention, and he signed a deal for his debut LP Makye in 2009. But it wasn’t until his third album, Sarkology, that he cemented his place at the top.

    A decade after his debut album, 2009’s Mayke, one of Africa’s biggest and best-loved hip-hop artists is still in the water, pushing through the waves to see what new shores his rich, emotional sound might reach.

    Here are some Essential songs from Sarkodie to put on replay;

    Adonai ft Castro


    This is probably definitely Sarkodie’s most popular song. To call “Adonai,” which has nearly 90 million views on YouTube, a hit would be an understatement.

    This song was released a month before Ghanaian artist Castro vanished, making “Adonai” a type of eulogy for the musician, who is currently thought dead.

    Sarkodie’s status as one of Ghana’s most popular musicians was further cemented by “Adonai.”

    This song is a homage to God and how he has blessed Sarkodie and Castro with the gifts he has bestowed upon them.

    The majority of the song video is shot inside a church, retaining the Christian and Lord theme. The main phrase of the chorus, Hallelujah, represents God’s adoration. Castro and Sarkodie, as artists and men, are living a life that many would envy.

    Painkiller ft Runtown

    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay
    Sarkodie Ft. RunTown-Painkiller

    Painkiller” was the first feature and strong follow up for Runtown after his enormous 2017 smash “Mad Over You“. Runtown was the largest Afrobeats star at the time, with the biggest Afrobeats song in the world, and part of that influence bled into this song, turning it into a high-profile hit.

    Sark brings his A-game to this track, and Runtown, the man of the moment, contributes his ‘Mad Over You‘ vibes. Runtown’s hook is sweet, and Sarkodie rapped his heart out over the low-tempo groove.

    Special Someone ft AKA, Burna Boy

    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay
    Sarkodie- Special Someone


    A list of Sarkodie’s best songs cannot be complete without this song. “Special Someone” is special and in a class of its own.

    Sark’s normal rap bravado gave way to his literary side on this track. When we have a pan-African collaboration, it’s always a special occasion, but this one was especially special because we got the best of Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa in one package.

    Every act from Sarkodie to Burna Boy to AKA delivered, the rent must have been due when they collaborated on this tune.

    AKA killed his verse, demonstrating his abilities as one of the greatest technicians in African rap.

    Burna Boy came through with the most impassioned and unforgettable of hooks and murdering his verse.

    Gunshot ft Davido

    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay
    Sarkodie ft Davido-Gunshot

    On the love-themed groovy track, Sarkodie and Davido have their love interests blushing and dancing. The song was produced by Killbeatz.

    You Go Kill Me ft EL

    Download Sarkodie No Coiling (KMT Remix) mp3
    Sarkodie ft EL-U Go Kill Me

    The entire popularity of Azonto can be traced back to 2011’s “U Go Kill Me,” which is undoubtedly the most successful Azonto song in existence—and Sarkodie was unquestionably at the forefront of that trend.

    He collaborated with Ghanaian rapper E.L to create a song that would be played on dance floors across the country from the beginning to the end of the trend.

    The Song wasn’t just popular in Ghana but also in other West African countries where the movement had trickled in.


    Pon Di Ting ft Banky W


    Knowing who to bring on which song is one of Sarkodie’s artistic abilities. He’s one rapper who understands the creative benefits of collaborations better than others, and how someone else’s talent might be the missing piece in a fantastic song’s puzzle.

    When he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t try to accomplish everything alone, especially when someone else can assist him to generate even better magic.

    Sarkodie teamed up with Banky W for the bouncy dancehall tune, “Pn Di Ting.” Banky W created magic on the chorus and even shows off his shocking rap skills in the song. Sarkodie is a rap beast on this song dropping his usual bars.



    After reaching the pinnacle of his music career, like few Ghanaians before him, allegations began to circulate that Sarkodie had joined the Illuminati and that this was the true source of his fame and fortune.

    Sarkodie created this Magnom-produced song as a response to his critics, and in the process, he created another smash song. However, at the time, this song most likely contributed to the rumors.

    Down On One feat. Fuse ODG


    It’s late 2013, and Azonto is gradually fading away. However, two of the genre’s most important contributors are still in the business of generating hits, so they can continue to do what they do best.

    Sarkodie and Fuse ODG, the UK-based “Antenna” hitmaker, collaborate on “Down On One,” an afrobeats banger in which the duo rap and sing about wanting to put a ring on the girl of their dreams.

    New Guy ft Ace Hood

    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay
    Essential Songs from Sarkodie to put on replay


    Released in 2015, “New Guy” features American Rapper, Ace Hood. According to reports, Sarkodie wanted American musician Ace Hood to appear on the track because he considered him “one of the world’s most powerful rappers”.

    Sarkodie discusses his status as a “new guy” in the music industry in the song’s lyrics.

    Sarkodie and Ace Hood trade lines over various synth chords and military drum-like sounds on “New Guy,” which has drawn comparisons to the track’s producer, CedSolo.

    Rap Attack ft Vector


    Sarkodie linked up with Nigerian rapper Vector for another great Ghana-Naija collaboration, delivering this hip-hop track laced with quick-fire lines.

    Sarkodie claimed at the time that he sent out this song for a feature to various musicians, but that Vector was the only one who could keep up with the tempo. There’s a reason the song is called “Rap Attack“!

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