Erigga: “Ashawo earns more than Bankers”

    Popular rapper, Erigga says prostitutes make more money than bankers.

    Erigga Ashawo earns more than Bankers

    Erigga raised hell on twitter recently, with a contentious tweet he made.

    The controversial rapper in his tweet insisted that escorts aka “Ashawo” made more money than their fellow females who are well-educated bankers.

    His exact words were;

    “Ashawo make money pass bankers for this country Oya let’s argue I ready for una this morning. If some bankers de see some Ashawo account Enh to think otherwise de hungry them … Oya lets argue”

    This declaration of his received many reactions from the twitter community, some in agreement, and some against him.

    However, in my opinion, I think this statement of his is very unnecessary.

    We all know how twisted the Nigerian system is, he doesn’t have to rub it on our faces.

    Prostitution is not a proper job, Banking is. There is absolutely no need to discourage young ladies who are trying to make an earnest living for the selfish purpose of attracting attention and chasing clout.

    Let us quit encouraging the so-called “bottom power”, and encourage hard work instead.

    Finally, don’t forget that “Ashewo” also have higher tendencies to contract STDs than Bankers

    I rest my case

    So, it’s up to you guys now, what do you think??

    See his tweet and some reactions below;


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