#EndSars: 5 Naija songs that are our favorite Protest anthems

is currently engulfed by the #EndSars Protests over the last few days and one thing that has been a companion to these protesters is Music.

#EndSars: 5 Naija songs that are favorite Protests anthems
#EndSars: 5 Naija songs that are our favorite Protest anthems

#EndSars Protest isn’t new but this is by far the biggest turnout jas experienced. What started as a small group of protesters in Lagos have spread to almost the 36 states in the country.

These protests have seen the common man take the center stage for the first time and politicians being ridiculed for their inability to deliver on their promise.

However, a protest isn’t complete with music which the Nigerian Music Industry hasn’t failed to deliver on.

The Industry has produced a lot of good music which includes socially conscious songs that address the issue that fueled the protest in the first place so it’ only expectant that people would visit these songs to encourage their spirit.

So here are the top 5 songs that are favorites on protest grounds.

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Burna Boy – Monsters You Made

Burna Boy might have foreseen what was coming when he made “Monsters You Made”. The song which the lead single off his recent “Twice as Tall” album, is a reflection of the protest.

The song details the effect of bad Governance not just on a nation but on the people the leaders failed to help. Protesters are now the thorn on the neck of the Government but alas we are the monsters they made.


Fela Kuti –

Fela was no stranger to Police Brutality as he experienced first hand the extent to which the system was rotten. He also didn’t shy away from making songs about.

is a classic example of the rotten system of Securities agencies. Just like some of the songs on this list, the song was made more than a decade ago but still relevant.

Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga

‘Jaga Jaga’ was a controversial song at the time of its release. Banned by the then Obasanjo administration, the are still valid in 2020.

While on the surface, it looks like has come a long way, underneath chaos and trouble brew, an effect that the nation is currently experiencing.

African China – Mr President

Released more than a decade ago, African China’s in ‘Mr President’ are still relevant in these present situations.

The song which is a letter to Leaders to lead well is still relevant as Bad Governance is at the core of the issues plaguing the nation.

Davido – Fem

‘Fem’ isn’t a political song but its serve a good purpose for the protesters who don’t hesitate to sing for anyone who is not aligned with the goal of the protest.

‘Fem’ is slang for ‘shut up’ so it has been used to ridicule political leaders who try to play the usual act so as to disperse the protest. An Example of this is Lagos State Governor, Sanwo Olu.

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