#EgungunbeCareful: How COVID-19 Disturbed Obesere’s Return to Spotlight

    Egungun be careful crooner Obesere who recently returned to spotlight might be having his spotlight return disturbed as the never-ending lockdown caused by deadly coronavirus has put a halt to social activates.

    'Egungun be Careful' goes Global as Caucasian Students Rocks Obesere's Track

    The Fuji star who recently returned to the limelight after the video of his song released over a decade ago resurfaced on social media.

    Following his return, Obesere who was the talk of the music scene before the deadly pandemic stole the show from him seemed to use the opportunity to do a remake version of the songs with Zlatan and Skiibi.

    Getting a lot of interviews and media buzz, Obesere who used to be the talk of the town with lines from his songs being on people lips have not had an Instagram live session, or a media live session and buzz since the deadly pandemic broke out.


    Obesere who remains a big name in  Fuji music seemed to break outside the boundary of Fuji music and attempted to enter the hip hop scene.

    Egungun be careful became a global hit after it resurfaced as Caucasians students in a video that went viral on social media were seen vibing to the song.

    However,his epic return to the music scene seemed to have been dazed by deadly coronavirus pandemic, which has left Nigerians to worry more about the impact of the virus on the society.


    In an attempt to be the talk of social media during this coronavirus times, Obesere who released a track titled coronavirus be careful failed to catch the attention of other Nigerians who are very busy hunting for giveaways and lockdown palliative.

    Obesere who used to be the talk of the music scene with lines from his egungun trending track being used as slang across social media on a daily basis last trended, three to four weeks.


    The big question remains that can Obersere manage to gather as much buzz as he gathered before the spread of the deadly pandemic.

    Will artists that he collaborated with put effort into promoting the remix he did with them, will he use the little opportunity to release hits that will not only be enjoyed by Fuji music audiences? time will tell.

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