Egungun be Careful, a Noise not Worth the Hype

    Egungun be careful by Obesere and Zlatan is another noise that is not worthy of the hype accustomed to it by a lot of Nigerian artists.

    Egungun be Careful a Noise not Worth the Hype

    It will be recalled that track from two-decade ago of Legendary  Nigerian fuji star Obesere recently surfaced as a Meme but following the hilarious lines used in the track, Nigerians seemed to develop an unforeseen love for the song.

    The song which was initially released 19 years ago resurfaced after the video for the track suddenly went viral.

    Loved for lines used in the song like E don Happen I don Tell am and Him Family don carry am,  the song which passed as a warning did not really pass any message across, as it was majorly used as comic relief by most twitter users.


    But following the surprising popularity gained by the song after it went viral on social media, artists like Skiibii, Zlatan and others quickly jumped on it to take advantage of the buzz on the song.

    Zlatan Ibile

    Zlatan who recently released a remix of the fuji star song and is very popular for taking advantage of the trend did not want to sleep on this as he took advantage of the trend of the moment to create a new track.


    Not wanting to be left out of the great opportunity, Skiibii who also saw the opportunity to trend also did not slack as he did not only release his remix for egungun be careful but he was faster than Zlatan.

    Obesere who also used the trend opportunity to build his fan base on twitter just like Naira Marley has the Marlians asked his growing fans for the name he should name his fan base.

    The resurface of egungun be careful could be said to have recorded a lot of success as it went beyond the borders of Nigerian to Europe and America as videos of Americans and Europeans facing to the resurfaced song went viral.

    Does the Resurfaced Track worth the Hype?

    In terms of Worthing the hype, we will not exactly say that the song worth the hype because it resurfacing was not as a result of its quality but because it served as a hilarious comic relieve for social media users who did not exactly care about the quality of the songs but the comical lines used by the Fuji legend.


    With most of Nigerians paying lesser attention to the song quality, the song did not gain its popularity as a result of its quality because it doesn’t live up to expectation but much attention was paid to the energy inputted by the dancers and Obesere in the music video and funny lines from the song used to shade other social media users.

    Rave of the moment, Zlatan Ibile, didn’t really give those mad punchlines we were looking up to, but the song ended being an average song, we can even saw “Unripe pawpaw” has more buzz than this track.

    Zlatan x Obesere - Egungun Be Careful (Remix)
    Zlatan x Obesere – Egungun Be Careful (Remix)

    A worthy comparison to Obesere’s resurface is Speed Darlington who stole the music scene sometime in 2017/2018 when he released his hilarious track  Bangdadadang. Did the track go viral? yes, was it a quality release absolutely no, did the track? last another no but the track was used by social media users as comic relief.


    So If Obesere wants to keep trending he should use the buzz that egungun be careful has given him to release new tracks as the noise on egungun be careful will soon die and it is not worth the hype!

    Meanwhile, Zlatan should consider revisiting those Lamba he gave us last year, we want more mad joint to reckon on, egungun becareful remake is just there.

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