Katy Perry – Swish Swish ft. Nicki Minaj [Music]

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Katy Perry dropped a surprise new song Thursday night featuring Nicki Minaj called “Swish Swish,” and her fans think it’s the response to Taylor Swift they have been waiting years for.

Perry, 32, tweeted about “Swish Swish” one hour before the song dropped while Minaj, 34, teased it in a hashtag on Twitter in advance of her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards.’

The lyrics of “Swish Swish” sound like a shot at rumored rival Taylor Swift — whose 2014 song “Bad Blood” is long-assumed to be about Perry — and Twitter was quick to take notice.

Listen and Download Swish Swish by Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj Below!

Qoutable Lyrics:-

They know what is what
But they don’t know what is what
They just strut
What the fuck?
A tiger
Don’t lose no sleep
Don’t need opinions
From a shellfish or a sheep
Don’t you come for me
No, not today (woah)
You’re calculated
I got your number
‘Cause you’re a joker
And I’m a courtside killer queen
And you will kiss the ring
You best believe
So keep calm, honey, I’ma stick around
For more than a minute, get used to it
Funny my name keeps comin’ out your mouth
‘Cause I stay winning
Lay ’em up like
Swish, swish, bish
Another one in the basket (basket, woah, basket, woah)
Can’t touch this
Another one in the casket (casket, woah, casket)
Your game is tired
You should retire
You’re ’bout as cute as
An old coupon expired (woah, woah)
And karma’s not a liar
She keeps receipts


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