Eminem Ft. Kehlani – Nowhere Fast (Extended Version) [Music]


Download Eminem Ft. Kehlani  Nowhere Fast (Extended Version) Mp3 Download

Download Eminem Ft. Kehlani  Nowhere Fast (Extended Version) Mp3 Download

Eminem releases the Extended Version Of his track off his Revival Project ‘Nowhere Fast’ featuring Kehlani.

Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, another lone wolf gunman, Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to, it’s blowing up ,This whole country is going nuts and the NRA is in our way, They’re responsible for this whole, production, they hold the strings to control the puppets, And they threaten to take donor bucks, So they know, the government won’t do nothing and no one’s budging, gun owners’ clutching, Their loaded weapons, they love their guns more than our children, Shh, I think another one just entered in our building, and we’ll be

Ashes blowing in the air, Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah, Wasted youth, always on the road, Never looking back and we’re never getting old, ‘Cause the skies are black But our heart’s made of gold, F–k doing what you’re told, We’re going nowhere fast 

I feel sorry for this beat, sympathy pains for this track, This road is taking me back, Down memory lane with this rap
I can still look out in this crowd, be wowed and be taken aback, I’m simply stating a fact, I had Wembley Stadium packed, But now we’re on a path headed to nowhere and fast, Another terrorist attacks, Like a tariff blows half of Madison Square up, alas, We perish in the blast, But that isn’t scaring us, we pass, Nowhere we’re fearless, ’cause we’re just

Ashes blowing in the air, Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah, “We don’t give a… no, no” Wasted youth, always on the road, Never looking back and we’re never getting old, The skies are black, but our heart’s made of gold “golden”, F–k doing what you’re told “what we’re told”

F–k doing what you’re told, act like a two-year-old, S–t is soon to go kaboom and blow anyways; for MC’s it’s a funeral, When I’m devising this rhyme, ’cause I’m awake and you’re mourning, That’s why I rise and I shine like a new day has dawned on me, Gusto, guts, bravado, nuts and plus I kick up dust, And cuss a lot, I musta got you in somewhat of a debacle, ‘Cause some stuff that’s awful, really don’t mean nothing although, There’s a lot of s–t I said in jest that’s tough to swallow, But if at times it seems Like it’s in the wrong place, it’s probably ’cause it’s on my sleeve Keanu Reeves speed of life, avoid or veer Or just steer toward it, we’re only looking forward, but we’re going, We have no idea, nowhere to go, but hysterical, It’s getting warm in here, I set the world on fire, was born to be an arsonist Just one spark and it’s lit, but I’ma still get dark on this s–t, Told you I’d leave my mark on this b—h—war machine But you forced me in a corner, I’m sure to have something for your rear And in the course of the assault as torture gets more severe Go to war with me, you’ll end up blew to Timbuktu, I send at you A ten-ton nuke like Kim Jong-Un and end up ruining your career But when all is said and done And at the end of my run, I’ll just rewind clocks, forever young Make stop, will I ever fall off? That day will never come ‘Til the pine box, b—h, f–k you! I’m better than I ever wasn ‘Til the bomb drops, hope it never does, but I’m not gonna sweat it ’cause
This world’s screwed, it’s already f—-d, and I’m on top, so everyone’s just…

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