Don Jazzy: The man that understands perfect timing on social media

    Mp3bullet.ng takes us into the personality space of renowned producer, Don Jazzy, and how he perfectly utilizes social media.

    Don Jazzy: The man that understands perfect timing on social media
    Don Jazzy: The man that understands perfect timing on social media

    Beyond his beat-making world, Mp3bullet.ng dives into how Don Jazzy understands perfect timing to utilize social media.

    The Don

    Michael Collins aka Don Jazzy is one of Nigeria’s leading music legends who has been on the space for close to a score.

    Being a record producer, singer, and businessman, Don baba has universally impacted the music world with numerous creations.

    From the inception of Mo’ Hits Records to the making of Mavins, the Don has consistently proven one thing; he understands the game, the audience, and how to play!

    Don Jazzy & Social Media

    Don Jazzy: The man that understands perfect timing on social mediaEveryone has a perspective of how they view and relate to social media. Don on the other hand has proven to be a father figure and a ray of hope to many.

    Since the inception of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, Don Jazzy as a person knows how to lend his voice and creatively attend to issues that matter.

    For a shy type like the boss himself, social media has empowered into bringing his best out!

    In a chat with Techcabal, Don explained that;

    “When I started using Twitter, I quickly realized the power of communicating directly with fans. Ever since then I have been finding creative ways to use social media to engage fans…”

    The last sentence above is clearly what Jazzy has impactfully done and the aspect we have dived our attention into.

    Influences & Promotions

    Don Jazzy: The man that understands perfect timing on social media
    Don Jazzy: The man that understands perfect timing on social media

    Like many other big shots, the 38-year old has been a major influencing body on the music scene and world at large, using his social media handles.

    An opinion on Vanguard described the hitmaker’s personality as;

    “… always been talented, funny, -minded and playful. He has always had an open door policy and never shies away from assisting colleagues in whatever way he can.”

    The above speaks of the personae of his person and the dynamism of his personality.

    Uniquely, he has used this in many ways the world cannot appreciate enough.

    From being different brands’ influencer to promoting songs of his artistes, to the generous giveaways he constantly does, there is so much he has done!

    Taking it one at a time:

    Don Jazzy is of the habit of constantly promoting the songs of all his artists and does it effortlessly.

    As far back as the days of Wande Coal when social media started evolving, you would agree the internet push Jazzy gave Wande is one of the reasons he is still relevant, despite being talented.

    Then, things gradually evolved, social media has been established and more artists like , Reekado Banks, Tiwa Savage, Rema, Johnny Drille, and Ayra Starr came on board.

    At countless times has this boss shot out their songs, promoting it for their audience to have a feel. knowing what the world responds to most, he applies wisdom as he goes on a give-away spree.

    So, it is more like a business of, “listen to this project and you can win a sum.” Although, this has greatly helped his music ministry, however, on what basis does he do it is what a host people look at.

    Categorically, Don Jazzy has also aired his voice on political issues when needed. A clear example is the EndSars movement which he took part in the protest

    Also, for the brand influencing, Don Jazzy has been the face of many brands and through him, many brands have gained recognition.

    Examples are V Bank, Loya Milk, Globacom, even international brands like Johnnie Walker, and much more.

    As a matter of fact, Don Jazzy has proven time and time again, that he is the Don of Music and he never lets us forget it.

    In conclusion, beyond the deep bass tone voice you hear in the background of a song, know, Don is a man who understands and knows how to use the social media timing!

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