DJ Cuppy’s Collaboration with Zlatan is a plus for the street.

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DJ Cuppy's Collaboration with Zlatan is a plus for the street.Since whatever street thing DJ Cuppy and wanted to pull on “Charged Up” last November, went wrong, the billionaire daughter and femme disc jockey has been all about making better impressions. 

Everyone will agree that she’s tried her bit of making that happen. She could be the one everyone not only respects but also love. Maybe it’s a man’s world and female DJ’s don’t get big breaks and stuff, well, Cuppy has the balls to do her thing and make ground.

But Khaled didn’t become the greatest by just having the balls, no. There’s a lot of music, and music and music and music. In the long run, that’s what differentiates the ones that will die spinning records for a radio station, and the ones that will go on to do greater things. I’d like to think is the latter, and she’s off to a good start.

DJ Cuppy Gelato Song Download

Before the “Charged Up” disaster, last year, she has done two singles worthy of mentioning. First was “Green Light” with former MMMG singer, and the other, “Vybe” with Ghanaian rap star, . The Tekno collaboration was released back in 2017, when Tekno was still one of the hottest on the continent (he probably still is?) while “Vybe” was shared, back in March 2018. Both were good songs, yeah. If they did anything, it was to tell us Cuppy could still do way more.

Earlier this year, though, she did a spectacular one, put and on “Abena”, a track which quickly became a hit. It’s the kind of song you’d drop if you’re planning to release an EP or album or something. Superhit, yeah.

But, the impact of the song is just as important as the follow-up. No one is expecting DJ Cuppy to disappoint again, no. Especially when the street is hot, and guys like and Ibile are getting all the buzz. She had to jump on the bandwagon, because that’s what DJs do, and she’s a DJ, innit?

She probably had choices, but to make “Gelato perfect, why not just go for the best? Zlatan Ibile, yes. It had to be good enough, because the last time she tried doing street or so, it failed with a capital “F.” She got better, obviously, and now she had to prove it on a jam with Zlatan.

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For starters, Gelato isn’t the best street word anyone could think of. “Sweet like Gelato” and many guys on the streets don’t even know what the Italian dessert is, or looks like. Well, we don’t expect less from the daughter of Femi Otedola.

The instrumental had systematic piano chords that sounded like and ‘s. Tapping from the SA house vibe, and the heavy percussions that characterize street beats, here, the high tempo beat is contagious, if you ask me. Something Zlatan would very much like to jump on, anytime.

Right from the start, DJ Cuppy, took over the song doing a clear hook, before Zlatan Ibile came with his bars, which are unusually too long, in away. Then they did the “Who’s your daddy? Otedola… ” chant.

Maybe it’s studio or that’s how she just sounds, these days, but she amazingly sounds like a 16-year-old. But she still managed to pull off a hook on a street song? If that’s not really cool, I don’t know what is. Zlatan Ibile, who did the hook, was just his normal self, repping the streets, as usual.

“Gelato” has got all the good vibe, yeah. And this is a good one for the streets!

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